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Cinnabon cinnamon rolls

Delicate warm dough, sweet flavorful stuffingand melting in the mouth soft cream - it is impossible to resist the treat, corporate recipe which has not been disclosed. However, buns recipe Cinnamon Cinnabon became known to fans of this delicacy. Let's try to cook it at home!

Since father and son Greg and Richard Komenydecided to bake the most delicious muffins in the world and established a network of bakeries Cinnabon, it passed 30 years. Famous chefs kept their word, and Cinnabon rolls, with a light hand respected Mexican magazine Expansion Magazine, have been included in the list of 50 most exquisite pleasures of the world.

12 servings Ingredients

200ml milk
Dry yeast 11 gr
Wheat flour 850 g
Eggs 2 pieces
Butter 200g
Cane sugar 200g
Vanilla sugar 10g
Sugar 100g
Powdered sugar 100g
Cinnamon 20 gr
Salt 1 tsp
Cream cheese 100g

Cooking time 2 hours

How to make cinnamon rolls Cinnabon

1. Yeast breed in warm milk (plus add a little sugar (from the initial 100 grams added). While the yeast rise, in a separate bowl, beat eggs.
2. The eggs add the softened butter (1/3 pack).
3. In the egg-oil mixture is added sugar (the remainder of the initial 100 grams).
4. Mix the milk diluted in yeast with a mixture of egg, oil and sugar, mix thoroughly in a pot, which will knead the dough in the future.
5. Flour (600-700 grams (how many will take the dough, actually) combine with the salt.
6. Part of the mixture (flour and salt), pour into yeast dough and knead it.
7. Making gluten (a teaspoon of flour + teaspoon of water -> mix, blind ball and rinse with cold water) and put the ball in the resulting dough mix.
8. After adding gluten add the remaining mixture of flour and salt, knead the dough. Cover with a towel to get the ball and put it in a warm place for an hour.
9. At this time, doing everything for the filling. In the microwave oven to soften oil (10.07 seconds).
10. Putting cinnamon and cane sugar.
11. Getting to the "assembly." It is necessary to roll out the dough obtained, which has already had to be doubled, in large thin layer, preferably a rectangular (about 40 cm by 55 cm).
12. melted butter spread on a layer.
13. Sprinkle a layer with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar cane.
14. roll down into a tight roll seam (the tighter, the better).
15. Cut the roll in the kruglyashi - Cinnabon. Cutting can be a knife or thread - a thread better.
16. The resulting Cinnabon laid into the mold for baking, laid by baking paper and greased with butter. Put in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 175 degrees until they are golden brown; it is necessary that the sugar has dissolved).
17. While Cinnabon baked, make the cream - icing. It is necessary to mix the softened butter with cream cheese (any suitable cream - mascarpone or Almette (normal cream, without additives) and powdered sugar.
18. After the buns lightly browned and ready, we remove them from the oven and immediately cover with a mixture of cream (can be spread with a brush, but you can fill in). At the end you can decorate as desired with grated chocolate or nuts.

There are a number of nuances in the preparation

Depending on the thickness of the roll track of time baking "by eye", otherwise you can burn. They are prepared very quickly.
2) The amount of the cream can be increased, because they are fed well Sinabone flooded.

Bon Appetit!


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