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Avocado salad

This is a wonderful dish will surprise you and your loved ones in the New Year's Eve! Bon Appetit!


200g fillet of chicken or shrimp
4 pcs eggs
1 piece of avocado
1 piece cucumber
0.5 pcs lemon
50 g olive oil (vegetable)
Salt and pepper - to taste
lettuce of your choice

How to prepare a salad with avocado

Boil and chop finely the meat and eggs. Also finely chop the cucumber (best cubes). Pour these products into a separate bowl and mix thoroughly with the addition of mayonnaise. Refill with oil (preferably olive), add the juice of half a lemon.

Now - avocado.

Cut the fruit, "the equator", into 2 equal slices. Carefully remove the bones, so as not to damage the external structure of the fetus. Juicy pulp extracted using a spoon - it becomes an ornament, "New Year's salad." The rind should be laid avocado salad, put on top of the dessert - the flesh of the avocado.
As decoration, you can use and cucumber. It can be cut in the form of Christmas trees Christmas or other festive figurines! If you like shrimp, replace the chicken shrimp. Happy New Year!

Bon Appetit!

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