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Asparagus with bacon on the grill

Asparagus with bacon on the grill. Asparagus, egg and bacon wonderful combination.


12-16 asparagus
6-8 strips of bacon or bacon
2 fresh chicken eggs
20 gr. hard cheese

How to cook asparagus with bacon

Prepare asparagus - the bottom 2-3 cm of the stembreak off and discard, and then gently clean off the peel with the stem surface except the top. Now wrap the bacon around each asparagus, and begin to heat the grill.
Boil an egg - your choice or without shell -Egg Benedict, or boil an egg in the usual way. In the first case, the egg should be broken down from a low altitude in nearly boiling water seasoned with salt and vinegar, and 2 minutes to pull out with a slotted spoon and a little dry - or cook an egg in the usual way. Now we prepare asparagus. Season it with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil and place on the grill grate. 3-4 minutes later you can gently turn the asparagus, and later still the same - to get asparagus from grill. Serve with egg and garnish with hard cheese.

Bon Appetit!


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