Stretching for weight loss - exercise and recommendations

Stretching for weight loss

Stretching for weight loss - the best start of the path to perfection figure

The whole modern world obsessed with the questionweight loss. Everywhere on us "dumped" information on the most effective and best way to lose weight, ranging from a variety of diets and workouts, ending medication and non-traditional methods of struggle with fat.

Nevertheless, the majority of "fighters for thinness"overweight and remain undefeated. Why is this happening? Perhaps many have not learned the main thing - listen to your body. Will drive themselves into the framework of strict diets and exhausting exercise, people can not stand, and often give up.

Unprepared physically challenging workout notOnly it will be not able to do, but they can do much harm. Muscles begin to ache from the strain, not allowing fully laid out in the classroom. And it is physical activity - the main key to a slim figure. But there is a solution and it is available to everyone - stretching for weight loss. Fashionable today the word "stretching" to help you succeed on the path to a beautiful body without pain and excessive force.

The benefits of stretching


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Is stretching as effective andIt can help us to achieve their goals? Answer: "Yes." And, moreover, it is necessary for anyone who wants to be always in good shape and excellent shape. It will feel your body, every cell of it, develop flexibility and forget about the muscle pain after exercise.

Some doubt whether stretching helpslose weight, because it is less energy-intensive than the strength or cardio exercises. Do not underestimate its importance. It should start with it if you decide to seriously take up your body and you want to not only build muscle or skhudnut, but also to get the tone and trim silhouette. Make it your first main exercise, and later used as a supplement to basic training. Due to this you first of all, easy to retract in fitness activities, and secondly, avoid clogging and muscle pain during exercise.

Next, we consider the most effective options for stretching, which can be practiced in the hall and at home - just to have a yoga mat and a few minutes of free time.

Stretching exercises

A dog looking down

Get on your hands and knees. Brushes are located slightly in front of the shoulders, knees - directly under the hips. Breathe out and lift your knees off the floor, slowly straighten legs. Heels flat on the floor. Take the hands, straighten your elbows. Brushes are pressed against the floor. Begin to walk your feet to the hands, and then gently straightened to his full height. Repeat the exercise at the beginning and end of each set. The point of this stretch for weight loss is that it allows you the flexibility to develop in the body and get a better feel all your muscles.

Active dove

In this exercise, the focus isthe deep gluteal muscles. Take a position for push-ups, put your elbows on the floor at a right angle. The left knee pull to itself so that the left heel touches the right thigh. Lower the right foot to foot fell to the floor. Keep your back straight, gaze directed downward. Now carefully lower the chest, pinning her to the floor and his hands pulling forward. Pull the stomach, tighten your pelvic muscles, reducing the right side of the buttocks. Use your fingers to the right foot rest against the floor, as if pushing the heel. Return the left leg to the "right", five times repeat.

Then, the same with the other leg. This stretch helps to lose weight in your legs and pull your knees.


The purpose of this exercise is the abs. Lie on the mat face down, extend your legs, put hands under the shoulders. Tighten your pelvic muscles and push your hips to the floor. Shoulders "push" first down, then sideways. Push off your hands off the floor and lift your chest so that she looked at the wall in front of you. Stretch yourself as hard as you can. Now sit back and try again five times. This stretch helps to lose weight in the waist and tone the entire upper body.

Leg up to the head

This stretch involves mainlyhamstring. Roll a small towel and put it under his head. Lie on the floor face up, feet pull. Bend your right knee and tighten the breast. Hands clasp the knee and pull it toward yourself. Then straighten your leg, heel drag up to the head. Relax and take a starting position again.

Repeat five times on each thigh. This stretching leg weight loss is irreplaceable, and it allows you to tighten up and strengthen both shin and thigh.

Knee to chest

Pull your knee to your chest, and then try to straighten the leg.

Raising on the toes and lunges

In this exercise, the muscles being worked out wellfeet. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take a step forward with your right foot. Hands put on the belt. Lift the foot alternately right and left foot on the toes. You should feel the stretch calf muscles. Put your left foot forward and repeat. Then go to the attack. Slowly bend both knees and removal of the back foot even further back. Try to get as far as possible, so that the rear surface of the felt stretching thigh. This is one of the most effective slimming leg extensions.

In general, stretching leg weight loss involves a wide variety of exercises. Many of them can be found in the article "The best exercises for twine."

Other advantages of stretching

The greatest interest is for stretchingweight loss and improve body tone, but its use does not end with these components. Such exercises are able to qualitatively improve not only the body but also the well-being, and even the mood of the person. Daily stretching energizes teaches hear and feel your body. It is an excellent means of getting rid of stress, improves sleep, and reduces blood pressure.

Through regular practice you can improveblood circulation, correct posture, improve their flexibility and forget about the tension in the muscles. At the same time in addition to more serious training stretching it is also useful, because relieves pain during and after exercise, does not clog the muscles, relaxes after a vigorous training.


Include in your daily set of exercisesstretching leg slimming, stomach, arms, and whole body in a short time you will notice significant changes. Do not forget to give her some time after power and cardio workouts and rest days do after waking up or, conversely, before going to bed. See for yourself that you can lose weight without pain, stress, high financial costs, but also with health benefits.

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