Step aerobics for weight loss and good mood!

Step aerobics - a quick way to dullgaining form. If you are tired of the gym, swimming pool and do not like dancing, it is the step can be your secret to a perfect figure. Classes take place at a rapid pace to rhythmic music and fine drive off "the blues"!

Step aerobics will make the perfect figure

Step aerobics is not only your figure closer to the ideal, but cheer up!

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of training
  • Sample lessons for beginners

Not sure that step aerobics is right for you? Check out the advantages and disadvantages of classes.


  • High calorie consumption;
  • exercise all the body muscles and the cardiovascular system;
  • an opportunity to complicate the occupation with new elements, the acceleration rate or the addition of the weighting;
  • interest, which is heated constant learning of new movements and ligaments;
  • minimum required equipment (you will need a special platform);
  • opportunity to conduct exercises at home.

Cons, which is step aerobics:

  • high load on the knees and traumatic (if not performed correctly movements);
  • the need for regular exercise to improve outcomes;
  • difficulty learning the movements experienced by many beginners.

Thus, step aerobics is not suitable for people withbad knees, and those who do not plan to practice regularly. In rare training is a risk not to feel the progress and forget a part of unlearning movements and quickly lose interest in the continuation of studies.

Efficiency classes of step aerobics

To increase the effectiveness of step aerobics classes, train yourself to exercise regularly.

In addition, I want to dispel the myth of a serious,which is accompanied by a step aerobics for weight loss. It is believed that this training is unique, as it allows fat to live locally in the area of ​​the legs and buttocks. In fact, step aerobics works in the same way as the other fat burning exercises. Lose Weight the whole body, and the local effect is achieved due to the gradual strengthening of certain muscles. If you want to speed up the process, engage in strength training, or select a special kind of step aerobics with increased load (for example, with dumbbells).

Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of training

If you want to lose weight and improve your fitness with the help of step aerobics, consider the following tips.

  1. Take a few lessons on the learning of the basic steps and elements. This will help you step aerobics for beginners - or rather, a few basic movements below.
  2. Never skip the warm-up and stretching. They help to prevent injuries and relieve pain arising in the muscles during and after exercise.
  3. Exercise regularly. Give step aerobics at least 3 days a week. If you are on an intense weight loss, add 1 more to do.
  4. During the training step aerobics do not forget aboutsecurity. Pass the session, if sick, feel weak or dizzy. As with other types of cardio exercises, step aerobics is intense and will require you to complete returns.

Sample lessons for beginners

This is something for step aerobics for beginners will help you to join the training. We believe that only a few workouts will make you ever fall in love with this line of aerobics!

Start with a light warm-up. Given that the step aerobics most uses feet, give them special attention. Turn cheerful music and jump, do a "mill" and the rotation of the knee. These movements will warm the joints, ligaments and muscles that uses step aerobics.

Step aerobics for beginners consists of basic steps.

Tap-Up (Tap up)

To perform the first movement, stand next to the platform.

  1. Take a step the right foot on the platform. Remember the most important rule of step aerobics - the heel should never hang down from the dais, and the foot should be completely on the support.
  2. Place the left foot to the right, gently touching the toe tap.
  3. Step into left foot back, and set it right.
  4. Repeat, starting with the left foot.

In the future, you can use this simple form steps as a warm-up before the step aerobics for weight loss.

Step BASIC (Basic step)

Step "basic step" included in the basic program of all classes in step aerobics.

  1. Right foot step on the platform. Place the left to it.
  2. Get off down the right leg and attach the left.
  3. Repeat the same sequence.

No ap (Knee up)

Step №2 is also included in the basic group of motions required for learning the complicated tangles.

  1. Take a step the right foot. Lift your left knee up, without putting a foot on the platform.
  2. Lower the left foot down, and set it right.
  3. Repeat using the left leg as a reference.

Mini bunch

Next will be described in varying degrees of sophistication movement combines the two previous steps. Get to it after will learn the basic step aerobics for beginners.

  1. First, follow the step "basic step" for 4 consecutive times.
  2. When both legs will be on the floor, go to step "not up". Also repeat it 4 times.
  3. Follow the bunch for 2-3 minutes, gradually increasing the tempo.

Step kёl (Step curl) or "tie-in"

Classical step aerobics for weight loss also includes the step "zahlёst".

  1. We step on the platform of the right foot. The left lower leg lift upward, pulling the heel to the buttocks.
  2. We descend down the left foot and puts it right.
  3. Repeat the same with the other leg.

Step aerobics for beginners finished stretching. Sit on the floor and have a good stretch the legs, arms and back.

Step aerobics requires regular practice

Step aerobics may initially seem like a difficult and confusing, but after 4-5 sessions you addicted and start enjoying every movement!

Step aerobics for weight loss will give noticeable results after 3 weeks. And effects such as a feeling of vitality, smartness and good humor will be at the first training session.

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