How to sit on the cross twine - secrets and exercises

One of the most exciting ways to demonstrateflexibility - the cross twine. Every girl at least once, but wanted to surprise others and, above all, stretching themselves and impress. Twine is used in many types of physical activity - dancing, martial arts, and for the artistic gymnasts split lengthwise and crosswise at all is optional element of the program.

How to sit on the cross twine

To sit on the cross twine require much effort. But how beautiful!

The difficulty lies in the fact that the transverse cordsIt is considered the most difficult type of stretching and for many still remains a dream due to lack of perseverance or features of a constitution. Practice shows that to realize a dream is not so difficult, the main thing - to have the desire and strive to achieve this goal. Are you ready for the implementation of desires? Let's learn how to sit on the cross twine.

On the way to the twine - five basic rules

It is clear from the first time you do not get to say the magic "op alle" - and you're sitting in the splits. Let's start with the simple - with the basic rules, which will be useful to you in the process of stretching.

  1. Always warm - before catching oncross twine, warm up your body. Due to heating, you can avoid injury and increase their flexibility. Suffice it to simple movements - lean forward at the feet of the body and to the sides, running in place, swings the legs and hips warm.
  2. Regularity - the systematic classes willyou to success. Twine requires a serious level of flexibility, and to achieve this level can only be regularly performing stretching in the transverse string. Try to deal with every other day (first time), and when the body gets used to the stress - five days a week.
  3. Dress - train in a warm room, wear a t-shirt, sweat pants (even in summer suit padded trousers) and socks. Your body during exercise should be warmed up.
  4. Know the measure - as if you did not quickly soughtsee the results, do not try to accomplish the feat. Too much pressure on the muscles can lead to injury. You approach the matter with the mind - gently and slowly.
  5. Search for "accomplice" - to file theirother. Or a man who knows how to sit on the cross twine and share the intricacies of the process. Suppose you will not engage in together, but each will be able to help you observe the correct implementation of stretch marks and be able to support when you are tired and want to give up exercise.

The cornerstone - Stretching

Getting the main thing - to stretch on the crosstwine. Carrying out day-to-day simple set of exercises, you will significantly increase your flexibility, so - get close to execution cherished desire. Here are a few exercises that will allow you to warm up your muscles and tendons to the longitudinal and transverse string.


Exercise butterfly

Butterfly Exercise will help you do the splits faster.

This exercise increases the flexibility of tendons and groin stretches the inner side of the thigh.

  • Sit down on the floor, bend your knees and join the foot. Try to pull the heels closer to the body, and knees, try to squeeze his hands to the floor.
  • Pay attention to their situation - when performing back exercises should be straight.
  • The "butterfly" position, place your hands in front of your feet and lean forward. Knees are the most pressed to the floor, the back - line.


Twine longitudinal and transverse - exercise pancake

Drag the body to the floor with your back straight.

This exercise is very effective for stretching the back and inner thigh and hamstrings.

  • Sit down on the floor, legs apart in the direction of the most widely used. The legs should be straight, and the toes facing up.
  • Extends his arms in front of you and lean forward. Your task - to "put" the chest to the floor, so that your body lay, "as a pancake." Stretch in this position for several minutes.
  • Then, stretched in front of him at first hand pulls the left leg (ideally - the case should go to the feet and hands - bow feet), and then to the right.
  • Do 5-7 sets of 10 for each foot of the slopes.

As for the toes

This exercise focuses on the impact of it is the area behind the knee. Stretching on the cross twine becomes available after you have worked on the development of an integrated lower body flexibility.

  • Stand on the floor, legs should be straight, feet - together. Lean to the floor - you have to touch the fingers toes. The knees do not bend, linger at each inclination 40-60 seconds
  • Perform the exercise as possible and sitting. The principle is the same - you have the fingers to touch the legs, the back should be straight and your knees - even. When you reach the level of "master" in the process of stretching, you should be able to clasp hands with your feet.

We are drawn elbows to the floor

It is also very important exercise, it can be performed directly before sitting on the cross twine.

  • In a standing position put the feet shoulder-width apart. Lean forward (legs straight) and try to reach out your hands to the floor. Your task is to "maximum" - to put your elbows on the floor.
  • In a standing position (feet shoulder width apart), try to grasp the ankles. First, lean to the right ankle, and then - to the left. Do this exercise for 5 sets of 10 times.

We sit down on a twine

Now, after you have done all the exercises, you can finally try to sit on the cross twine.

  • Sit on his heels, hands put in front of him on the floor. Now slowly puts his feet to the side, trying to straighten them completely.
  • Linger in that position as long as possible, then return to the starting position on his heels. Allow your muscles to relax and re-do the splits. Repeat 5-7 times.
Stretching on the cross twine

Beautiful split - the result of a good stretch.

Regular stretching at the cross cords allow you to increase muscle flexibility, strengthen the hip joints and improve overall body tone.

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