How to build buttocks

Beautiful buttocks tightened - it is hard workabove oneself. Only through regular training, each beauty can pump up the elastic tempting buttocks. If you are not satisfied with its form, it is sufficient to couple of simple exercises that are easy to perform at home, the main thing to perform them regularly.

How to quickly pump up the buttocks

How much time you can pump up the buttocks - everything heredepending on what is needed result: simply pull up and tone the buttocks to give or significantly increase its volume. In the first case, you will notice changes after a week or two, in the second - would require months of regular training.
Inflate large buttocks without the use of extra weight is not possible, can only strengthen them, give the correct form and to remove the so-called ears.

Exercises on the gluteal muscles

For the shape and smart appearance meet the large gluteal muscles, which are located on the rear surface of the pelvis. Medium and small form beautiful hip line and located on the side surfaces of the pelvis.

Deep squats

Legs a little longer, or at shoulder width. Begin to squat, taking his ass back as if trying to sit on an invisible chair. Squat as deeply as possible (the lower you will go down, the more will work the muscles of the buttocks). Perform 20 repetitions. Rest a minute. Increase the load may be picking up a dumbbell.

Jets on backmassage should remain straight and your knees do not advocate for the socks.



Take a dumbbell (can not), and stand with your feetput a little narrower than shoulder width. Take a step forward and sit down until it becomes thigh parallel to the floor. Shoulders with straightened, and his hands are omitted. Return to the original position. So 15-20 repetitions on each leg.

The back should remain straight and not bent forward. This exercise involves not only the muscles of the buttocks, but the front of the thigh.


Squats "plie"

Arrange feet wider than shoulders, socks under Unfold45 degrees. Keeping your back straight, slowly sit down, and then just as slowly go back to the original position. In addition to the buttocks exercise inner thigh muscles in this exercise, which in the majority of the girls are very weak.

Knees should not protrude beyond the toes, and stay straight back. To download it buttocks squat as deeply as you need.


gluteal bridge

Lying on the floor, bend your legs and are positioned at shoulder width. In this position, raise and lower pelvis. To complicate exercise can pull one leg or hip to put on something heavy.

Going up, stay at the top as much as possible trying to squeeze your buttocks.


Mahi back on the floor

Kneeling, lean palms on the floor. Bend your leg and lift up as much as possible, get back to the original position. So of 20 repetitions on each leg. As an additional load can use weights.

In carrying out this exercise, hold at the top, trying to minimize muscle.


Mahi standing back

Take a chair. Holding on to balance the back, right foot Perform powerful swings back. After 20 repetitions turn around the other side and repeat the movement left foot.

Taps foot back, you need to exert maximum buttocks.


Exercises on medium and small gluteal muscles

Mahi towards lying on its side

Lie down on one side, lean on his elbow. Raise and opustay leg up, stopping at the top. Perform each repetition for several feet. Any swings to the side - this is the best exercise for the girls, because they can be used to give smooth contours of the thighs and flatten protruding pelvic bones.

The body needs is a straight line, and the leg is not bent at the knee. To pump up the side (middle) the gluteal muscles, range of motion should be as large.


Mahy towards the floor

Kneeling, lean palms on the floor. Take the leg to the side, a little bit delayed, omitted. Do 20 reps on each leg. You can use weights to increase the load.

In carrying out this exercise, you need to take maximum foot to good use the lateral muscles of the buttocks.


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