How do the splits quickly - guide to stretching

It is no secret that the question of "how to do the splits quickly?"Excites thousands of people around the world. Good stretching makes your feet beautiful gait becomes soft and the movements become more fluid and amplitude.

How do the splits quickly - effective rules extensions

How do the splits quickly and without injury? The secret is simple - Train by the rules.

Stretching improves circulation to the twine inthe lower part of the body that has beneficial effects on the state of the pelvic organs. In addition, if you are dancing, strip of plastic or any fitness species containing elements of choreography, the ability to sit down on the string - one of the key conditions for success.

What time will it take to do the splits


  • What time will it take to do the splits
  • How to train your muscles to stretch
  • How to train to do the splits quickly

How fast do the splits - the question is not entirelycorrect. After all, the concept of "fast" everyone associated with his time interval. On how much time is required to sit on the string for you, the following factors:

  • Genetics. In some people, the nature of the muscles are more plastic than others. This is due to the composition of the muscle fiber. Another, on the contrary, any stretching delivers significant discomfort. If you are not different plasticity and can not immediately reach out hands to socks, do not despair. Just your "fast" will be a little slower, so be prepared. As a rule, people are more easily drawn and full of what is called chunky. People with high growth and lean physique, it is usually more difficult. Anyway, its genetics, you can not influence in any way, so take it for granted and go to the following factors.
  • Age. I think everything is clear. The earlier in life you decide to learn how to sit down on the string, so it will be easier. So do not delay indefinitely, start working on your banner today.
  • Training in the past. If as a child you go to a section of rhythmic gymnastics and could easily raise the foot to the head, and now a little lost form and can not put his hands on the floor at an inclination of - do not worry. To sit down on the string can not be unlearned. You will need much less time than those who start to engage in stretching the first time. But if you are a beginner - do not despair - because nothing is impossible. Do your body a huge opportunity, you just have not had a chance to discover them.
  • Perseverance and patience. This is a key factor.

The main idea of ​​this entry is thathow fast do the splits get it from you depends on several factors. For some "fast" - is the splits in the past month, most quite satisfied three months (just to get, which is already there) and someone may need a year.

I say this so that you do not refusefrom training, if not come to sit on the twine for the week. If you're doing it right (and what to do - I tell on) then you will achieve the desired result.

How to train your muscles to stretch

To learn how to sit down on the string, you need to understand how he works stretching mechanism.

The secret to an effective stretch the splits - patience and concentration

When performing stretching exercises it is important to focus on their actions and be locked in each position for at least a minute.

Imagine that you take a position that allowsyou feel the tension in the muscle needed. For example, if you drag the body to the floor between the legs divorced in hand, then you should feel tension in the back and inner thigh.

Once you have accepted this "uncomfortable" situation,unnatural and began to stretch the muscle - muscle is perceived as a prerequisite for its extension to the injury. To prevent this injury - muscle is sharply reduced. At this time, you feel that your body is literally resists stretching. That's right - the muscle resists stretching and is its natural defense mechanism.

The signal was transmitted from the muscles to the brain. From the brain to the muscle receives a message that there is no threat and that you have made such an "uncomfortable" position consciously to her. Well, since there is no danger - the muscle relaxes and obedience to your will, it is extended. At this time, you feel relax and get used to the load.

Now you can enhance the effect of slowly (inthe case of the tilt to the floor - to bend a little deeper). You descend down a couple of centimeters, and feel the tension again. Muscle again "frightened" and declined. Then the whole cycle is repeated.

Thus, slowly and gradually, you explained your body, what actually happens is that there is no danger of injury, and you stretch the muscles deliberately, because they themselves want.

Understanding the mechanism of stretching yourself, you clearly will acquire for themselves what all the exercises on the twine should be done intelligently, thoughtfully, concentrating on their feelings.

How to train to do the splits quickly

There are a few key rules of practice, you should comply with in order to quickly learn how to sit on the twine. It's easy, you just need to be careful and respect them all.

  • Dynamic warm-up. This warm-up is needed in order to avoid injury while stretching the splits. You need to warm up your muscles and joints before you begin training. To warm up, you can use any exercise involving the work of the muscles of the legs and buttocks. This may be the squat, kick their feet, rolls from one foot to the squat, swinging into a lunge, jumping, bending. To warm up the joints bend the leg at the knee and do rotational movements of the feet first, then his knees, then his hip. Repeat on both legs, take a few circular movements hips and start stretching exercises.
  • Awareness of your actions, concentration. Stretching exercises follow slowly, carefully, gradually increasing exposure.
  • Locking in one position at least one minute. Muscles need time to get used to an unnatural position for them and relax. Therefore, linger in the same position for at least a minute. Stretching on the string, as you already understood, it's a leisurely and thorough.
  • Controlled breathing. Proper breathing will allow you to focus. Breathe deeply, strengthen stretch on the exhale.
  • Avoid sharp pain. If you feel a sharp pain in the muscle - stop the exercise. Pain - is a signal of the traumatic impact. Muscle tear - a very unpleasant thing. In place of the gap may form a scar that significantly complicate further stretching. In no case do not let injuries, and if you still traumatized - just stop exercising until full recovery.
  • The total duration of the training - at least one hour. As with any workout, if you want to achieve a result and the splits quickly - will have to work.
  • Training at least three times a week. If you train less, the muscles will "forget" about what kind of load you are giving them a week ago, and each time have to start all over again. In this case, the desired twine shall not come, and you are a few months of training will feel frustrated. Ideal to train with an interval of 1-2 days.

So, if you follow these simplerecommendations, you can do quickly do the splits. Our body is remarkably well able to adapt to any conditions, and regular quality training can work wonders.

Do not fold out of the way, if in the beginning it is notwork - through this pass everything involved. After a few months you will see that the twine, which seemed unattainable before - now conquered height. Good luck!

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