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Exercises on a step platform - is a fascinatingand dynamic workout that allows you to quickly transform the body and develop stamina. A relatively new area of ​​aerobics quickly gained popularity among the customers of sports clubs and soon became available for home exercises. Regular exercise affect the body in a complex, developing muscle strength, flexibility and making the body more slender.

Exercises on a step platform result in a tone lower body muscles

Step on the platform Exercise will help you to create a beautiful shape and tone the muscles.

Pros and cons of tap dance


  • Pros and cons of tap dance
  • Varieties step training
  • Contraindications and possible side effects
  • important rules
  • Example training

Benefits of exercises with step platform:

  • weight loss due to high calorie consumption during the training;
  • the harmonious development of the muscles of the lower extremities;
  • strengthening the abdominal muscles and back;
  • improving the coordination of movements;
  • dynamic training;
  • Stress Reliever.

In addition, exercises with steppe are veryimportant advantage - they can be done at home. For employment requires little or no sports equipment. You will need a step platform, which, if desired, can be made independently. Instructions on how to make a step platform with your own hands, you can find on the site.

Exercising on the degree has the following disadvantages:

  • increased load on the knee and hip joints;
  • the presence of contraindications.

For more information about how to tap dance lessons on the platform affect the human body, you can see in the article about the benefits and dangers of step aerobics.

Varieties step training

Exercises with step platform performed with additional weights.

Exercises with the step platform can be carried out with additional weights.

Most fitness clubs training on stepplatform are divided by level of difficulty from 1 to 4. They differ not only in tempo workout, but also the complexity of the tangles, twists and turns, as well as the need for simultaneous coordination of upper and lower extremities. Moreover, at the last levels given less repetitions for learning the new element.

Training also vary depending on thethe equipment used. Classes for beginners are held on a step platform height of 15-20 cm, while the professionals are trained at a height of 35 cm. The two platforms are used in a double degree, which significantly increases the number of possible movements and makes the lesson more interesting.

Very popular workoutweighting. But the opinion of a fitness instructor about them is ambiguous. On the one hand, burdening doing exercise power and allows to work a greater number of muscles. But at the same time dramatically increases the load on knees and increases the risk of possible injury. Only one thing can be said with confidence - self-study with the weights is not recommended for beginners.

Contraindications and possible side effects

In some cases, exercises are contraindicated degree?

  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Recurring back pain, spine and joint diseases.
  • Varicose veins, or a predisposition to its occurrence.
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys in the acute stage (intense movement can worsen the condition).
  • Pregnancy.

Enough frequent side effect on employmentStep platform becomes a pain in the knee. It is caused by improper technique exercises. During exercise it is important to ensure that the knee wrap the inside and legs it was not too straight. In order to feel comfortable and right amplitude for you, reduce the pace and perform each exercise carefully.

Many women avoid exercises with steppethe mistaken belief that they will make the legs and calves pumped. Such fears are absolutely useless! In order to build muscle, it requires intensive power loads and considerable changes in the diet. If the fear of the step workouts saved, you can not stop only on this kind of load. Just enable this kind of aerobics in your schedule for a change. Dance elements and cheerful music certainly cheer up!

important rules

In order to exercise brought only benefit, you must follow certain rules:

  • during sessions, keep your back flat and your shoulders straight;
  • Follow every movement by working leg muscles, do not overexert the waist;
  • make sure the support leg to the knee does not protrude from the toe;
  • Avoid sudden movements and too fast - they can lead to loss of balance and injury;
  • never go to the platform so that it is rendered behind you;
  • conducts classes in comfortable shoes;
  • Train no more than 3 times a week.

Example training

Performing exercises on the degree adjust the load by changing the height of the platform

The greater the height of the platform, the more load you get performing exercises degree.

For those who can not wait to startclasses offer description 4 universal exercise on a step platform. These simple movements can be combined with each other. For lessons step you will need a platform height of 15-20 cm and rhythmic music. All the newcomers step aerobics is recommended to start with 20-minute sessions, gradually bringing them up to 45-60 minutes duration. Do not repeat the monotonous movement of more than 2 minutes.

  1. Take a step to the platform right foot. Fix it and step left foot. Please return to the floor right leg, then the left. Repeat the movement from step left foot.
  2. Put your right foot on the step, and set it to the left. First remove the left leg, then the right. The next time you perform the element, starting with the left foot.
  3. Bend your right leg at the knee and place it on theplatform. Make the movement of the left foot as if about to also install it on a support, but the obvious rise, drop it on the floor. Repeat for the other leg.
  4. Move the right foot on the step, and his left hand bend at the knee and pull up as close to the chest. Then lower the left leg on the floor, and set it right. Repeat this exercise right foot.

Interested? See a detailed description of the basic movements of aerobic step with the expansion of the account.

If you are still not enough motivation,Think about what exercises with step platform burns more calories than traditional aerobics. Practice shows that only a few studies enough to get into a rhythm and start to enjoy the load. Soon, additional incentives for training is not required - the best motivation will result seen in the mirror.

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