Exercises for the cross twine - top 15

Do you know how to sit on the cross twine? No? And that's nothing, because it is this kind of twine brings to our health invaluable. He has a positive effect on women's health, develops the joints and muscles of the pelvis, resulting in the order of the spine and lower back, as well as improves the shape of the feet. Interested? Effective exercises for cross twine to help you in this extremely delicate matter.

Exercises for the cross twine

Exercises for the cross twine is very beneficial to your health.

The preparatory stage - warm


  • The preparatory stage - warm
  • The main stage - stretching exercises
  • The final stage - the cross twine

We all know that without pre-workout andwarming up the muscles can not do any one workout. Before you start doing the exercises for cross twine, is to prepare your body for stress. Pre-workout lasts for about half an hour, and looks like this:

  • circular movement of the shoulders;
  • circular movements of the head;
  • pull up and goes down into the hands clasped lock;
  • torso left and right, back and forth. Watch out for your knees and legs should be straight;
  • We get hands to the floor;
  • circular motion pelvis;
  • bending and straightening the knees;
  • walking, jumping, and then running on the spot.

These exercises improve blood circulation and prepares the body for further loads. During the warm-up, try to achieve maximum relaxation.

The main stage - stretching exercises

Take the cross twine several timesmore difficult than, for example, in the longitudinal. But this complex will help to achieve unprecedented success. Exercises for the cross twine performed after you have stretched and kneaded the muscles of the whole body.

Exercise №1

  • Starting position (and n.). - Sit on the floor, open your legs as widely as possible.
  • Hands lift up, leaving her back perfectly straight.
  • Take a few tilts forward.

Exercise №2

  • IP -. The same as in the previous exercise, your hands are in front of him.
  • Reach forward with your whole body, trying to get his hands fingertips. Ideally, the body should lie on the floor.

This exercise stretches the inner well and the back of the thigh, the hamstrings.

Exercise №3

This exercise is considered a basic, without cross-twine at home is unlikely to succeed.

  • IP -. Standing, have your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Grasp your elbows and arms stretch down the forearm.
  • Try to reach the floor.
  • Stand with your feet a little longer, and repeat all over again.
  • Go back in and out. P.

Exercise №4

  • IP -. Standing, have your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Hands lower front of him, his hands dropped down.
  • Back straight, chin slightly raised.
  • Very slowly and gradually dilute the sides with both feet, trying to reduce the distance between the body and the floor. As soon as his hands touch the floor, put your weight on your hands and try to dissolve legs even wider.

This is an exercise for lateral twine comfortable doing on the floor, laminate or linoleum - because his legs better glide. I felt a strong pain? Rest a few minutes and then do a couple of approaches.

Exercise №5

  • IP -. Feet shoulder-width apart parallel to each other, palms - on the waist or on the hips back (this exercise also helps to pump the abdominal muscles).
  • Flex the trunk back so if you want to see your own heels.

This exercise develops flexibility of the back and is a good compensation leaned forward.

Exercise №6

  • IP -. Have your feet shoulder-width apart, arms down at your sides.
  • Tilt your torso forward parallel to the floor, arms stretched out in front of you (you can cross them to the castle). Look ahead. Pay attention to the legs - should feel the tension of muscles.
  • Take a deep slope and get your hands to the floor. Neck and neck area are relaxed, knees - straight.
  • Shook from side to side, achieving the desired effect.
  • Again, take a starting position, hold for yourself and take a deep forearm trough - one more step to the cross twine.

Exercise №7

  • IP -. Legs wide apart, toes out, hands raised up.
  • Take a few slow and very deep squats. The back is straight, the hip - deployed, eyes directed forward.
  • In this position for 30 seconds linger Repeat several times.

Exercise №8

  • IP -. Put your feet as widely as possible, hand in hand.
  • Lunging from side to side. One leg bend at the knee, the second pull as much as possible, to your fingertips.

Exercise №9

  • IP -. Legs should be put on the shoulder width apart, arms along the lower torso.
  • Bend your leg, lift up, and then expand to the side.
  • Grasp the lower leg with the same hand.
  • Pull up the entire body, focusing on the support foot.
  • Get to the source and do for the other leg.

Exercise №10

  • IP -. Legs should be put on the shoulder width apart, arms at your sides omitted.
  • Left foot step forward, join hands in the lock behind him.
  • Pull your shoulders back, opening the chest as possible, and a good cave in.
  • Loans and. n., and repeat for the right leg.

Exercise №11

  • IP -. Leg put together, hands along the lower torso.
  • Take a deep tilt and chin touch one knee.
  • Again become in and out. n., run again, only this time to the other knee.

Exercise №12

Transverse twine require you to perform a very difficult exercise. Here is one of them:

  • IP -. Leg put together, hands along the lower torso.
  • Take a deep forward bend.
  • Grab heel hands.
  • Pull down all over, trying to touch the floor with his head.

Exercise №13

  • IP -. Sitting on a hard surface, the feet to the maximum apart.
  • Grasp the foot with both hands and pull them in.
  • Straighten your back and stretch the whole body upward.
  • Uprites the floor with both hands (one behind the other in front) and slightly lift the body.
  • Pull the right foot sock on, the left pull forward. Change their position several times.

Exercise №14

  • IP -. Legs apart as wide as possible, socks deployed in the hand, the hand along the lower torso.
  • Crouch as low as possible, take a forward bend.
  • Both hands are put on the floor, move them body weight and arch your back.
  • Being in this position, properly expand legs to the side.
  • Keep the muscles to the inner and outer thighs were stretched. Do not lower your head and do not look into the depth of the squat.

The final stage - the cross twine

Transverse twine - a beautiful posture

Transverse twine - Beautiful gymnastic exercise.

Once you have completed a set of exerciseson stretching the legs and the whole body, start to exercise twine. It should be noted that the nature of different people in varying degrees, expressed turnout hips (disclosed pelvis). This anatomical factor also affects the rate of achieving the result. Therefore, if the longitudinal splits have already obtained easily, but with a cross until there is trouble - do not worry. Just you need to put more effort and patience.

The last exercise - that is itself a cross-twine. End the workout by stretching them, giving ample time execution.

Exercise №15

Test yourself and evaluate your own power, thentry to get down on cross-twine. Do this carefully and slowly, so as not to damage the ligaments and muscles of the legs. Happened? That is great! No wonder that you are so hard and long practicing. If the attempt was unsuccessful, be patient and keep training. We are confident to good cross-twine at home remains very little.

Transverse twine at home - it's real

Transverse twine at home - it is real, is wanted!

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