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Flexibility is not only in the ability toeasily reach your hands to the floor or do the splits. The flexible back is responsible for the formation of a harmonious silhouette and perfect posture. In addition, it is responsible for the coordination of movements and helps to achieve excellent results in dance classes and in other sports. Develop plastic movements and make the spine healthy exercise to help the flexibility of the back.

Exercises for flexibility in the back make the body more plastic

Exercises for flexibility back significantly expand the capabilities of your body.

We get the maximum effect


  • We get the maximum effect
  • We care about health
  • Getting exercise (example classes)

How to develop the flexibility of the back most effectively?

  1. Do the exercises for flexibility in the backcomfortable clothing that allows the body to breathe and does not restrict movement. Many people prefer to barefoot, but you can wear light sneakers or Gym shoes.
  2. For convenience, use a mat or towel in the exercises on the floor.
  3. Never start exercise without warming up. Spend 5-7 minutes on housing turns, jumps and running in place. Similar movements to prepare the body to load.
  4. Performing exercises for the flexibility of the spine,concentrate on those parts of the back, which you train. At the same time, try to control your breathing: Work out effort to exhale and relax as much as possible while inhaling.
  5. Avoid shocks and sudden movements.
  6. Start with 8 repetitions and gradually bring the number up to 15. After a month of classes try to add 1 more approach after the 2-minute rest.
  7. After 2-3 exercises take a short break to recover breath. Do not stand on the spot! Walk around the room and take a few sips of water.
  8. It is advisable to take 4-5 times a week. Since the training described below will take no more than 20 minutes, you will easily find the time for it in your schedule.

Coaches are advised to measure their growth beforeclasses. Repeat the test a month later. Surely you will be pleasantly surprised! Visual results not only prove the effectiveness of training, but also serve as an additional motivation to their continuation.

We care about health

Exercises for flexibility of the spine should be done carefully

Do not forget that the exercises for flexibility of the spine is to carry out very carefully, avoiding sudden movements.

Exercises for flexibility of the spine, presented in this article, are universal. They are suitable for people of any age and begin to implement them can both beginners and advanced athletes.

Preliminary medical consultation before the training required in the case of:

  • injuries or operations on the spine;
  • painful ligaments and joints;
  • serious cardiovascular disease.

Experts do not recommend to deal withflexibility exercises for the back to lunch or to include them in the morning exercises. The fact that the first half of the day back muscles are relaxed, and this greatly increases the risk of injury. It is best to hold classes in the evening after an hour or two after a light supper. This will help relieve the accumulated tension of the day, relieve back pain and mood for a relaxing holiday.

Getting exercise (example classes)

So, how to develop the flexibility of the back? Begin with short workouts. Then proceed to the exercises.

Wave spine sitting

Sit on your knees on the floor. Get down on the heels buttocks, straighten your back, straighten your shoulders and chest, hands, lower down. Inhaling stretch the crown up, trying as much as possible to "pull" the head from the shoulders, and on the exhale, relax and slowly lower forward, rounding your back and putting the body on his knees. Lower abdomen first, then his chest, then his head. Raising start from the bottom of the case, first waist, then the middle part of the back, shoulder blades and head.

Your spine should be doing a kindcontinuous "wave". Perform the required number of repetitions. Then increase the range of motion. On the exhale, lower yourself down as much as possible, and inspiratory rise and pull back. Lock your hands on the floor, round the back and walk away in the trough.

Deflections forward, sitting on his lap

Sitting on his knees, hips on your heels, putdirect hands a little farther back for himself. Secure the body to the trough trying to drag up the chest, not the head throws. Point the chin on the chest and on the exhale, lift your pelvis up increasing the amplitude of the deflection. On the inhale fall on heels.

In order not to overtax the neck, hold the gaze on her lap. When you repeat the last lift the pelvis up and hold in this position.

Waves spine with large amplitude

The next exercise for the flexibility of the spineIt is a classic pose of yoga. Climb up on all fours. Lower the hips on your heels, belly to the thighs and the forehead on the floor and relax. On the exhale, lift the pelvis, back chamfer and leaning forward body. Lower the hips to the floor first, then lower the hips to the floor. Gradually, caving, vertebra by vertebra down to the floor the whole body. Hands bend and place around your chest.

Inhaling move in the opposite direction: gently lift up his head and chest first, then the waist and at the end of round the back and putting your pelvis on your heels. Repeat this exercise several times.

toy boat

Lying on his stomach, put his hands in front of him on theforearm. On the inhale stretch up the crown. Feet and coccyx drag back. On the exhale, straighten your arms and caved in, raise your chest and hips from the floor. Secure in this position for a few seconds.

After the troughs need to rest

After deflection compensation do - relax with a straight or curved back.

Then get down on your stomach and relax. Bring your hands to the body and make the "boat" holding up straight legs and body. Hold this position for a few breaths. Then descend to the floor and relax under the palm resting his forehead. Repeat the exercise.

Lean forward with a straight back

Sit on the floor and extend your legs in front of him. Reach forward with his heels, foot cut. Align the back, hook the palm into the lock and pull the arms up over your head. On the exhale, bend forward as much as possible with a straight back, keeping the spine straight. Hold hands for feet and try to go down as low as possible. Make sure that the back line was flat. Relax your muscles and inspiratory rise up.

How to develop the flexibility of the back is important to know all the girls

Now that you know how to develop the flexibility of the back, to make a spectacular beach photo is a snap!

Now you know how to develop the flexibility of the back. In the case of regular exercise you will immediately feel its positive effect. Your health will improve, will be pain and maintain good posture throughout the day will be much easier.

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