Elliptical Trainer - what muscles work?

Selecting trainer for cardio workouts - not theeasy task. In our country since Soviet times most popular bike and treadmill. And most athletes completely unfairly deprive the attention this invention engineering as elliptical trainer. Which muscles are working during the lesson, and how to make an individual training program? This you will learn below.

Elliptical Trainer which muscles work

Want to do a cardio workout as effective and safe? Select the elliptical trainer. Which muscles are working at employment? Yes, almost everything!

What is the advantage of the elliptical exerciser?


  • What is the advantage of the elliptical exerciser?
  • This is not worth doing?
  • The effectiveness of the elliptical exerciser
  • Recommendations before the training
  • Examples of training programs on the ellipsoid

What are the pros training on elliptical trainer?

  1. The mechanics of the movements on the elliptical trainerpleasant in itself. Movement along an elliptical trajectory is a lot like flying, rocking on the waves or a quick ride on skis. It is perfectly relieves stress and fascinating in itself.
  2. The lack of impact and minimumtravomoopasnost. Legs all the time are in a slightly bent position, and the main burden falls on the muscles, not the joints. Unlike running, when doing ellipsoid risk to injure the knee or ankle sprain is virtually absent. Classes on elliptical trainer - the ideal cardio for people with aching joints and excess weight, as they exclude the impacts and shaking.
    trainer ellipse

    Exerciser ellipse involves shock loads on the joints.

  3. Effects on all muscles of the body, not just thelegs and buttocks. Perhaps this is one of the main points in the list of benefits. You do not overload the legs and can train all muscle groups in one workout. Classes on elliptical trainer are equally loaded as the muscles of the lower and upper body. The closest analogy - driving on skis, where the feet of movement complements the work of the sticks. Although the mechanics of the movement of the ski, of course, is somewhat different.
  4. A unique opportunity to walk back. It allows you to work inaccessible to other simulators muscle groups.
  5. Virtually silent operation on the simulator. This point is especially important if you are buying a treadmill for the home. So, for example, vigorous jogging on the track creates a strong enough rumbling, even with good cushioning. But training on the simulator-ellipse can be compared only to that in a low rustling. So if you have a small child, the ellipsoid will suit you much better.

This is not worth doing?

Cardio exercises are contraindications

Listen to your own feelings in the classroom.

Classes on elliptical trainer - this is one ofthe safest cardio exercise. However, in some cases, cardiac load by themselves contraindicated. As a rule, people with relevant diseases, themselves know what they can and what can not, but just in case here is a list of restrictions.

As with any other cardio workout, training on elliptical trainer are contraindicated in:

  • heart disease: heart failure, angina pectoris, tachycardia, and others;
  • regularly appearing edema;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • severe forms of diabetes and cancer.

Furthermore, intensive studies are prohibited during infectious diseases.

We recommend (even if you are completely healthy person) always rely on their subjective feelings and always consult with qualified professionals (doctors and trainers).

The effectiveness of the elliptical exerciser

So, after weighing all the pros and cons, you have chosenelliptical trainer. What muscles involved during exercise? Due to the design of the simulator, which provides special mechanics of movements, you are perfectly crafted and introduce to the tone:

  • muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle;
  • abdominal muscles, back and entire body;
  • muscles of the thighs and buttocks.

It is understood the result correctly, whichIt gives elliptical trainer. Which muscles are working? Yes, almost all the muscles of the body! However, this does not mean that they grow in volume. Ellipsoid, like any other training device that provides cardiac load, can lead to tone your muscles and help you get rid of fat. But a set of muscle mass should not be expected. To do this, buy a pair of dumbbells and perform strength exercises.

Classes on the ellipsoid

Classes on the ellipsoid can improve endurance and tone muscles.

In addition to the muscle during training on the ellipsoidyou train endurance. Endurance is caused by the body's ability to effectively deliver oxygen to the muscles during stress, and therefore - the work of the heart and respiratory system.

Only 2 months of regular exercise can improve your endurance by 20-30%.

Recommendations before the training

Do not turn the simulator in a hanger

The simulator - tool. Do not turn it into a hanger or couch for the cat.

To load transferred easierproceed from their habits. If you are a typical "night owl", there is no sense to plan for the morning session. If you are a "lark", feel free to train in the morning. But keep in mind that you can not train earlier than one hour after awakening, and later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Take five minutes and figure out how toelliptical trainer works which muscles engaged during the lesson. This will help you understand how to properly distribute the load, and what additional exercise you need.

Do not practice on an empty stomach. It is best to do it in 1.5 hours after a light meal. If during the session you will be torturing thirst, rinse your mouth with water or drink a few sips. Drink plenty of water or the more snacking during heavy load - not the best idea.

Begin each workout with a warm-up to prepare the body for the upcoming load. Within 5 minutes, perform squats, bending forward, backward and sideways, and Mahi hands.

Try to complement weight training sessions. The secret of a perfect body harmony in the training program.

If you are at home, do not turn your ellipsoid in a clothes hanger and a couch for the cat. You do not buy it for that. Simulator ellipse - this is your friend and the working tool.

Examples of training programs on the ellipsoid

Now you know the features of the ellipticalsimulator, which muscles are working when doing and what the advantages of regular exercise. It remains only to make a training plan. Their intensity, duration and frequency depends on your goals.

If your goal is to improve health andkeep yourself in good shape, enough 3 30-minute sessions per week. If you want to lose weight, increase the intensity and duration. You need 4-5 exercises for 45-60 minutes per week.

In order to bring the maximum classfavor, you need to calculate your training heart rate. If you are a beginner, you can achieve success, engaging with an average heart rate (SP) 110-120 beats per minute. In the future, it is necessary to increase this figure. Maximum PE, which is valid during the cardio workout is determined by the formula: 220 minus your age. fat burning effect is achieved when training with PE, is 60-70% of the maximum.

The pulse rate for fat burning

The pulse rate at which the fat burning - 60-70% of maximum.

For the successful occupation does not need a heart rate monitor. Arm yourself with a stopwatch and measure the pulse for 10 seconds. Multiply this value by 6 and learn your emergency. In the future you will be able to train, guided by their own feelings.

Option 1: intense interval training

  • 10 minutes - moderate load, gradual access to the PE of 50-60% of the maximum;
  • interleaving intervals - 4 minutes 50-60% and 2% 80 minutes (repeat 5 times);
  • 5 minute cool-down - slow walk to restore a normal heartbeat.

Option 2: moderate endurance training development

  • 40 minutes in the area 50-60% of the maximum PE;
  • A 10-minute cool-down.

Now that you know how to effectively engage in theelliptical trainer, which muscles are involved when dealing with them, and how to train. Engage regularly and get great results soon!

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