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In this article I will discuss how to ensurecurrently a full workout, doing cardio exercises at home. I deliberately will not mention such cardio exercise equipment like a treadmill or an exercise bike. As the owners of this wonderful sports equipment and so can easily build their aerobic exercise any degree of complexity.

We talk about how no extraaccessories make your cardiovascular system to work harder, increase endurance, and, of course, run the mechanisms of burning subcutaneous fat. Cardio exercises to do at home is not difficult, the main thing - to implement them according to the rules, and then the result will not take long.

Briefly about the effectiveness of aerobic workouts at home


  • Briefly about the effectiveness of aerobic workouts at home
  • Rules for execution of cardio exercise at home
  • Aerobic exercise at home
  • The immediate effect of a cardio workout

Before presenting specific exercises, to make a brief digression about what exactly is cardio exercise and why it is needed.

Aerobic exercise (cardio exercise) - issuch exercises, the implementation of which is spent on energy produced by your body through aerobic glycolysis. That is, the energy is released upon cleavage of carbohydrates and fats in the presence of oxygen.

In terms of value for the body - the firstplace are proteins, fats are then, and then - carbohydrates. Accordingly, it is will consume carbohydrates in the first place. And until you will spend with the fats will not be accepted.

In order to show the effect of fat burningaerobic exercise, it should last at least 20-30 minutes. During this time, just used up the accumulated glucose in the muscles, and your body will be nothing left but to leave carefully stocked for a rainy day subcutaneous fat.

What should be the duration of cardioworkout at home? The answer is: if you have not previously engaged in, or have a big break - do not just train for over an hour. In other words 45-60 minutes will be enough. For the trained participants - training can be extended to 90 minutes. More is not necessary - will create too much stress on the body, which is no good, of course, will not.

Rules for execution of cardio exercise at home

Cardio, or aerobic exercises at home should be selected taking into account what the size of the area to train (your home sports hall).

Here are a few rules of a successful cardio workout at home:

  • We protect the joints. Exercises related to the impact load on the foot (running, jumping, etc.) should be carried out in running shoes (yes, barefoot on the laminate does not jump) or, having spread a soft rubber non-slip mat. Take care of your joints and the rest from the bottom neighbors.
  • Music. In advance take care of the musical accompaniment. Turn louder fast rhythmic music, cheer up and you can start!
  • Diversity. Mix and match different aerobic exercise, rotate them and perform different variations, as do the same thing for an hour is not very interesting, but it is important to achieve the effect of exercise to get pleasure. Select a few exercises and follow their approach. Try during training include work the muscles of the body, jumping, add arm movements, etc.
  • Pulse. Remember that an effective cardio workout you need to raise the heart rate to a level of 60-80% of the maximum. It calculates this value by a special formula, depending on the age and the heart rate at rest. Also it is necessary to take into account the physical form of the exercising.

I will not dwell in this article atcalculations, just say that for the majority of women 20-40 years old, with no physical limitations - the optimum heart rate for fat burning is between 120-145 beats per minute.

What if there is no heart rate monitor? Test yourself in the following way - with good cardio load you will find it difficult to talk (to stray breath). If while running or jumping, you can easily talk with a friend on the phone - you do not exercise, and just wasting time.

Aerobic exercise at home

Below I will list the main aerobic or cardioexercises that you can easily perform at home. Do not stop at one thing, combine and modify the basic exercises, make a perfect workout for yourself!

1. Running and jumping

Cardio exercises at home - jumping

Jumping - an excellent cardio load.

The small size of the apartment is not always possiblerun in the traditional sense of the word. Therefore, running on the spot - it's the best way. It is important to perform exercises - lazy peretaptyvanie from one foot to the other does not give effect. Movement must be energetic, as if you were doing in the hall under the watchful eye of a stern coach.

  • Running on the spot (classic). With this exercise is good to start home workouts. Run into the pace of the music, help himself with his hands, elbows to work harder.
  • Running high knee lifting. Not slowing the pace of running lift your knees as high as possible. Hands bend at the elbows and expose the palm forward. Knees touch palms.
  • Running with the tie-in (when running heel touches the buttocks). Palm put on the waist or do bangs over his head.
  • Jumping on the spot. Alternate small quick jumps and jumps with a deep curtsy. Do jumping - legs together and feet apart. When your legs together - lower your hands down when apart - make cotton over his head.

2. Boost up

Boost - is complicated version of jumps. Perform this exercise should be several approaches, alternating with simple jogging or jumping, or other less energy-intensive exercise. Boost - a great option of high-intensity cardio at home, as this exercise does not require a lot of space.

  • Keep your back straight, feet shoulder width apart. Make a deep squat, hands touch the floor, jump out sharply up, hands reach for the ceiling. Gently land on a little prisognutye feet and again go into a squat. This exercise is performed as many times as you can. Jumping not only give a great strain on the cardiovascular system, but also lead to tone leg muscles and buttocks.

3. Boost in emphasis lying

This is a variation of the previous exercise, when the additional load which get your abdominals.

  • Starting position - standing with your feet slightly widershoulders. At the expense of time - squat down, palms set ourselves on the floor. On account of the two - move the weight on his hands, feet jumps back, taking the emphasis lying. On three - jump return leg in hand. Four - get up (come back to the starting position). This is one repetition. You can complicate this exercise, adding jumping up.

4. Kicks

Kicks came out in the fitness kickboxing. They can perform forward, backward, or sideways.

  • Starting position - feet shoulder width apart, kneesslightly prisognuty, prisognuty arms at the elbows, hands clenched into fists at the level of the jaw (imagine that you are defending). Go back and beat the heel (foot cut), side impact - can beat the instep. Follow a few bumps in each direction. The knee in the final phase of the stroke is not fully unbend to avoid being injured.

When the kicking at homeit is important that a number had no children, cats and various fragile items. Exercise should be done with a good amplitude, putting in every blow all your energy.

5. Elements of aerobics, step aerobics, dance

As the name implies, these fitness traininginitially focused on cardiovascular burden. If you have ever engaged in aerobics or step aerobics - just choose any exercises and do them at home with the music at your leisure.

By the way on our website has articles on the basic steps of aerobics and step aerobics. You can also read them:

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Well, if you have worked enough, we didseveral approaches jumping, running around and knocked foot statue from the shelf when performed kicking, or if you just started to play your favorite song - dance to relax a little!

The immediate effect of a cardio workout

At the end of the article I will say a few words about whatyou will feel the effect immediately after a workout. Increase blood flow to the tissues and organs, you cheer up, accelerate metabolism, improve mood and will ease throughout the body.

The above article aerobic exercise, can helpyou yourself make for yourself a full cardio workout at home. Be engaged at least 3 times a week and after 4-5 workouts you will notice how begins to catch up with the figure. A month later, take a look at yourself in the mirror - you will like it!

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