What to wear with Parka Jacket - street style

Jacket Park came into vogue of military uniforms. It has become popular. And this is not surprising: it is long warm, has the upper hand of the fabric that is practical, stylish looks, and helps in different situations: from going to work to walk in the winter skiing in the woods. Many ladies choose this jacket for its versatility.

Fashion trend - Jacket

Grunge Style

This is a great image in grunge style, consistingof iron torn narrowed trousers, white pullover, khaki-colored jacket, "doctoral" bags, knitted hat with pompom, knitted gloves, boots and scarves in small cells.


This magnificent park red with a hood with fur trim can be combined with a cozy sweater, torn narrowed jeans, high boots and a red bag.


Fashionable beauty

What about the image of fashionable beauty. Try a pale pink sweater with torn edges over a white shirt. Complete the image of wearing jeans gray with green park in millitari style. And do not forget black felt hat.


Park and boots, leather or suede - a major hit this fall. The image became more feminine and stylish.



Another image. It consists of a jacket khaki pullover with stripes, black tight pants, handbags and shoes on a low heel.


Gentle image

Here we see the white dress - shirt in combination with suede boots, a black clutch and stylish parka.


Grey Hoodie sochetaetcya perfectly with blue tight jeans, boots in millitari style, white scarf and waterproof parka.

Black leggings can be worn with a gray knitted dress, gray scarf, black lacquered coarse boots and a big bag.

This jacket is represented in variousembodiments. You only need to choose what you want. At the same time based on your image and lifestyle, habits and preferences in clothing. This jacket is suitable for everybody.


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