What to wear with a black coat: recommendations stylists

Black coat - one of the basic subjectswardrobe that never go out of fashion. Such clothing always looks stylish. Depending on the selected accessories black coat can be transformed beyond recognition, making its possessor in the vamp, the strict intellectual, or in the power business woman.

Coat - a classic basic wardrobe

Black coat, as well as any black clothes,combined with all the colors of things. But the secret of the universality of this article of clothing in the fact that a black coat can be combined with any style of clothing. It looks equally well with pants and skirts, classic business suits and relaxed jeans, clothes in the "rocker" style and gentle "girlish" outfits. Of course, much depends on the length of the coat and its style, but in general the black coat is very versatile.



What kind of clothes to choose the coat

As for styles, it is better to givepreference for the easiest. A timeless classic - a direct coat to the knee or slightly below with a small collar. This coat perfectly with any clothing and always looks stylish. On the other contoured to create an interesting look can be tricky.

Create stylish images

Shoes can also be different. High boots, high heels, sporty shoes, and even shoes - black coat combined with many models. If you pick him black shoes, we get a strict and discreet look. And if you choose a bright boots or shoes, then the image will be fresh and original.


To the long (to the ankle) or shortened (higherknee) black coat ideal baggy jeans-boyfriends. It remains to add shoes or boots in black and casually tied scarf - and the way in casual style ready.


Beautifully will look black coat andbright dress. Probably every girl there is a dress: bought spur of the moment, it seems to be too catchy to wear it often. But in combination with a classic black coat even the most provocative outfit looks quite elegant, especially when combined with a classic accessories.


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Classic coat perfectly withfelt hats. This tandem will add elegance to any image. The hat can be any color, but it is desirable that it was attended finish black, or hat to shade in common with other accessories.

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Knitted hats and berets volume too greatcombined with a black coat. But if the caps are picked up by contrast, it is better that they are not the only spot of color in the image. It is advisable to complement the colored hats or scarves suitable gloves.

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By strict straight cut suit coat concisescarves, collars or Snudy. Classic straight silhouette coat will look great with a silk handkerchief. To create a relaxed fit images to be related from a thick yarn long scarf with fringe, and casually draped stoles made of thin fabric.

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With flowers you can also experimentinfinitely. Bright red scarf is useful to create a memorable image of the passionate. Delicate beige, pink and cream colors "soften" the severity of the black will add the image of femininity. Deep blues and greens create a laid-back, but memorable look.


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