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Office style sets certain limitsthe choice of clothes, but even at work you can look stylish. The main rule - to choose things that you can mix and match with each other. This will allow you to frequently change the images and always look original.

How to wear: outfits for the office

In the wardrobe of every woman must have somethings-transformers, the combination of which will allow you to create each time a new image. A classic example is the jacket. Coupled with trousers and a shirt, he will give rigor; a pencil skirt - elegance and refinement, with a sweater or cardigan - tenderness and femininity. It is best to opt for the classic fitted jacket. But the choice of the color can vary, not forgetting that the dark-blue or black jackets the most versatile.


Best office outfit

Pencil skirt - another thing, without which it is difficult toimagine an office closet. From the time of Christian Dior, and to this day, this model is very elegant! It is easy to combine with a blouse, a jacket and a blazer, slim sweater, cardigan and turtleneck with a high neck. This skirt is suitable for almost any figure. For the office is better to choose a monochromatic skirt - black, gray, dark blue, brown or burgundy color.

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Best office outfit

Do not forget about the variety of optionsblouses. It may be different blouses, turtlenecks, thin sweaters, cardigans and waistcoats plain shades or understated pattern. When purchasing be sure to pay attention to how they fit into your costume and you can create a stylish and harmonious way.


Best office outfit

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Dresses - an integral part of the women's officewardrobe. It is better to opt for the classic models of slim line dresses, such as a dress-box style of Coco Chanel. These models are always emphasize the shape, give the image of femininity and talk about good taste of its owner. They can be worn with a jacket, cardigan, blazer or sweater.


Best office outfit

Office Shoes should also be in harmony withcostumes and do not go beyond the rational. Therefore, it is best to buy a few pairs of shoes of different shades of classic heels or steady heel. The office will be superfluous and simple rigorous ballet flats, which will give your feet a chance to relax in your spare time.


Pants, shirt and jacket - the image will be morebusiness and official, and if this jacket with V- neck pullover or - that your image will be soft and feminine. Classic narrowed trousers always look impressive and noticeably slimmer, so they are the most suitable for the office. If the office dress code allows you to wear jeans to work it is necessary to choose the classic model straight cut with a high waist. They should be dark shades and highlights without stains, holes, and additional decorations.


Best office outfit

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