Wedding dresses for girls with size: plus-size

Any girl wants to be at her weddingIrresistible, regardless of hair color, height and weight. Even if you are not the owner of a slim figure, this does not mean that you need to give up a beautiful celebration and a chic bridal gown. You just need to know some of the subtleties of choosing models of wedding dresses for full girls.

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Plus-Size Wedding-Guest Dresses

How to choose a wedding dress

Tips for choosing

Do not buy a dress for a couple of sizesLess in the expectation that you will lose weight. It may turn out that the dress on you will sit ugly, even if you manage to lose weight. And it will be even more offensive if, for some reason, you can not finish your diet and you will remain in the same weight. It is better to buy a dress for your "today's" figure. After all, it is always easier to sew a large product than to try to think of something with a small one.


Gorgeous wedding dress

Do not delay the purchase of a dress at the last moment - so you will increase your level of nervousness and risk "grab something horrible", just to fit.

You can borrow ideas for drawing up your image in the portfolio of wedding photographers, where you will surely find photos of girls "with forms."


Plus-Size Wedding-Guest Dresses

It is more difficult for a mature woman to choose a dressBride. In this case, it is better to pay attention to evening dresses, preferring a light dress, not necessarily white, you can choose an ivory shade dress, creamy, etc.

If the dress has a tight fitting style, for example, in the waist area, then you should purchase a pull-on underwear to look perfect and seductive on this holiday.

Surely you know that you have your ownThe winning sides of the figure: beautiful breasts, attractive legs, etc. It is these parts of the body that need to be demonstrated as much as possible, and the shortcomings to hide.


Plus-Size Wedding-Guest Dresses

Wedding dress styles plus-size for girls

1. Dresses with a corset. Such models help to pull the waist, making its possessor visually thinner. It is advisable not to choose a lush bottom, preferably in this case a dress with a flowing hem.

2. Dresses in Empire style. Wedding dresses in Empire style perfectly hide the flaws of the figure, emphasizing the beautiful decollete zone. The widening of the hem is beginning right under the breast, which makes it possible to hide the tummy and the full waist.

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Plus-Size Wedding-Guest Dresses

3. Dress according to the figure Suitable for girls with a brightly outlined waistline. This will create a very feminine and seductive image of the "hourglass".

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Gorgeous wedding dress

4. Trapezoidal shape. At dresses of such cut the bottom widens, givingA trapezoidal shape. This kind of extension can go from the waist, if you need to hide the rounded tummy, or from the hips, if you want to show the waist line and hide the completeness at the bottom of the figure.

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Plus-Size Wedding-Guest Dresses

5. Short models. A complete figure does not always mean that itsMistress thick legs. Very many girls "in the body" can boast beautiful legs. Why not try on a wedding dress, the hem of which ends in the knee area? This version of the dress is especially suitable for plump brides of small height. A short dress can also be of almost any style. At this length, the cascade hem is very advantageous, when its front part is shorter than the rear. To make your legs look better, you should wear high-heeled shoes.

What is contraindicated for girls with size plus-size

1. Give up dresses on narrow straps that will "bite" into the body, emphasizing the fullness of the shoulders and hands.

2. Sleeve-lanterns also do not fit, they will only increase the volume.

3. Owners of lush breasts should not hide their charms for a fabric, it is better to choose a dress with a deep neckline.

4. If your neck is too full, choose a dress with a V-neck. So the neck becomes visually slender and longer.

5. A lot of brilliance. Do not buy a dress made of shiny fabric or shining with millions of rhinestones. Excessive sparkling will only add to your volume and emphasize the problems of the figure.

All the girls are beautiful in their own way! When choosing a dress, do not forget about jewelry, hair, make-up and shoes. And, most importantly, these are your eyes shining with happiness and a charming smile!

Be the most beautiful babe! And remember that you are the Queen !!!

Good luck!

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