Trendy and stylish knitwear - the trend in 2017

Every autumn we gradually gives way to summer lightthings for the winter warm. Without a doubt, knitted clothes - the trend of the winter or one year or even a decade. Fashionable knitting - it's a great way to keep warm in cold weather and at the same time look beautiful and impressive. Look only at the most fashion magazines and blogs that are filled with images of cozy cardigans with Scandinavian motifs, fine delicate dresses and voluminous sweaters. Today we will try to delve into the era of knitted fashion, defining trends of winter 2017.

Fashion trend for winter - CAPES

The main trend of the winter season is considered to be warmknitted cape. wardrobe item is mainly represented in Oversayz style. Originating in Central America, from the coarse wool clothes and unusual slots hand, after a few centuries, transformed and acquired modern accents. Today capes sew and knit cashmere, wool and mohair. A variety of silhouettes and images, from simple to more complex mating with a large pattern, you can wear a cape that podvernёtsya arm. It goes well with jeans, leather trousers and classic, stylish leggings and skirts.

Fashion trend for winter - CAPES

Fashion trend for winter - CAPES

The most successful solution is considered to be knittedCape combined with suede jackboots and a wide-brimmed hat. Style turns elegant and noble. In general, a win-win for any life event. Many wonder how to wear a cape in cold weather to avoid freezing hands. It's very simple, from the wind and cold will protect the stylish leather and cashmere gloves long cut. Another more practical option - to pick up under the bottom of a sweater or cardigan.

Fashion trend for winter - CAPES-1

Fashion trend for winter - CAPES

knitted sweater

It is impossible to imagine any one winter without a cozy andstylish sweaters, which is represented by a wide variety, both in terms of design and tailoring. Long and short, tight-fitting shape and three-dimensional, smooth and embossed knitted presents modern knitwear. This is perhaps the most practical and necessary part of everyday wardrobe. It can be combined with anything from pants, jeans and leggings and ending with skirts and shorts.

Fashion trend for winter - 3

Fashion trend for winter - sweater

For example, an image consisting of warm knittedsweater and pants-dudochek, perfect for everyday office wear. The combination of jeans-boyfriends and stylish cardigan is useful for outdoor activities, and make the best image apparel. For our climatic conditions is an element of the wardrobe is a must.

Trends of the season 2017- Bare shoulders

Winter collection of fashion houses include sweaterslow shoulder line. Famous brand recommended to combine them with tight trousers and skirts maxi. V-shaped form, one shoulder model presented in this year in many collections.

Fashion trend for winter - 4

Fashion trend for winter

Sleeveless sweater

Along with the half-naked shoulders in trendincludes open hands. Sleeveless sweaters can be seen in a completely different interpretations, ranging from the length and ending pattern. Fashion this season for knitted things. The main thing that no sleeves.

Fashion trend for winter - 5

Fashion trend for winter

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