Spring / Summer 2017: Fashion Trends - Accessories

In the spring-summer season, there will not be too many ornaments under any circumstances - Bulky pendants, 2-in-1 hybrid jewelry and an abundance of rings and bracelets.

The most interesting accessory trends of the approaching Season show a fundamentally new approach to the choice of stylish jewelry: when the makeup tendencies completely and completely appeal to minimalism, with decorations everything is exactly the opposite. Cumbersome, catchy evocative models - in an unprecedented favor!

What accessories will be fashionable in 2017

Each beauty wants that when you look at her around the mood rose, and compliments flew in her direction. To achieve this effect, the image must be thought through to the smallest detail.

Abundance of bracelets

A win-win way to be the most stylish of theseIn the summer - give preference to all your favorite bracelets at the same time. Yes, yes, it's very simple: a few bracelets on one hand or both - and success is guaranteed!

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Fashion- accessories- spring -summer- 2017-10

Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Different earrings

The myth that the earrings should be identical,Designers in the season of spring-summer 2017 dispelled finally. Curved massive earrings, piled with various details, presented the fashion house of Alexander McQueen, absolutely different earrings in the pair stood out also Esteban Cortazar.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Gold and silver in the decorations of Rodarte designers skillfully combined together, also experimenting with length, and at the display of Christian Dior miniature earrings were called upon to pay tribute and a trend to the slogans.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Erdem, Elie Saab, Jeremy Scott, Mulberry, Simone Rocha and many others also did not stay aside from the unconditional tendency.


At the peak of popularity are also locatedA variety of chokers. So, seductive ornaments are able to actualize any image without exception, especially considering all their diversity in the coming season. Specifically, chokers become that universal fashion-method to refresh the look.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Massive Suspension

Gigantic pendants of the most bizarre forms and massive chains - this is quite an ultimatum already in itself, and therefore necessarily leads to the background all the rest.

Fashion- accessories- spring -summer- 2017-8

Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Options with sacred implicationDemonstrated fashion house Hermès, presenting to the court of the sophisticated public metal chains with a suspension in the form of an all-seeing eye. Chanel offer varieties with iridescent rhinestones, while Givenchy cope with the task in a different way and present, probably, natural stones (polished to the shape of a flat disc) of sand color on a very thick chain.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

In addition, it is impossible not to pay attention toSuspension and from the fashion house Mulberry: a huge metal palm with five long fingers, hanging on a thick gold chain, really captivated the look, surprisingly while fitting into the already characteristic aesthetic of the brand.

Mono earring

Another brave move of world designers, which, which is important, is uniquely simplest to repeat.

On the fashion show Mary Katrantzou models came out onPodium with one earring in the ear, created from ordered plastic petals, which gradually transformed into a massive decoration for the neck. And the earring from Versus Versace was like a shiny scarf made of cold metal.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Massive earrings

In the coming season, spring-summer 2017, pay attention to the massive earrings.

Alexander McQueen and Gucci bet onMassive earrings, abundantly decorated with large gems, while the options from Proenza Schouler feature: a minimum of details, one color (white, red or black) and, most importantly, a graphic design.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Bracelet on the ankle (anklet)

In the coming season, spring-summer fashion designers suggest we again pay attention to the anklets (bracelets on the ankle).

Do not forget to read our article: Bracelet on the leg: why and how to wear it.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Religious motifs

At different times considered sacral symbols, andMainly, of course, crosses, became an important component of the trend images of the spring-summer season 2017. And, regardless of religious beliefs, periodically on the world's catwalks so attractive jewelry appeared that they wanted to try on despite of everything. For example, black earrings-crosses in a gold frame became a visiting beauty-card of Dolce & Gabbana.

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Same bracelets on both hands

In no way descends from the scaffolding trend towards pairedBracelets that should look identical and worn each on their wrists. For already this season, we are seeing this trend in symmetry in the shows of the most eminent designers. Continue to extol the trend for pair bracelets Louis Vuitton, Sportmax, Undercover and Barbara Casasola.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

2 in 1

Really blew podiums of the four capitals of the world's fashion catchy hybrid jewelry, which does not even immediately possible to define. However, this is not necessary!

Thus, several rings with an original design andThe chain transforming into a bracelet on his wrist, demonstrated on his fashion show Gucci. Rodarte is also all integrated into one single piece of jewelry - long earrings and pendants in a number near bright gems.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Decorated with stones brooches and brooches-flowers

Brooches have never been soAttractive and popular. Brooch absolute favorite season spring-summer 2017 - decorated with large multi-colored stones, as well as giant flowers-brooches from different fabrics. So, the 80's in fashion show Balenciaga would be a little different, if not for their round brooches, fixed in a variety of places.

They also say confident "YES!" To the feminine broochs of the fashionable Lanvin House, Sonya Rykiel, Anna Sui, Chanel and Gucci.

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Fashion Accessories Spring and Summer 2017

Be fashionable! Beautiful girl!!!

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