Sport chic - fashion style

In the eighties cult female aerobics doneactual bright, acid colors tights, leggings, Lycra body, wide belts. 90 - era R`n`B, wide pants with stripes and tracksuits oversize size at the height of fashion. New age and fashion to fitness breathed fresh spirit: sport-chic does not come from the pages of magazines and photos in fashion blogs.

Sporty chic clothing - fashion trend

Sportswear and clothing in sporty style

First of all, is dressed sportswear fromclothes in sporty style. The first is more functional purpose - to make the most convenient and comfortable workout, has the ability to remove moisture, to maintain the optimum temperature, does not hinder movement and holds its shape well.


sporty clothes is likely toeveryday use - it has cut similar to the sweat suit, similar parts and trim, but this sport is not suitable. This also applies to footwear: running functional shoes - sports, slipony and sneakers on the platform - to create a fresh image in the sport-chic style.


Sport chic

sport chic - a mix of glamor and sport, in combinationone dress things sporty and elegant. Fabrics - bright colors, metallic, with lots of rhinestones and sequins. Sporty chic shoes with heels permits - for example, high heels combined with leggings and a jacket.


sport-chic: Office clothing

Office sport-chic - a mix of office clothes with clothes for an active lifestyle: a blazer, a skirt, a top and a bright slipony.



Sport-casual (everyday) - Clothing with elementssports cut, plus jeans, blazers, oxford shirts. This style is very close to the smart casual and preppy, it combines simplicity, comfort and functionality. set an example for girls in the style of sport-casual: jeans, sneakers and svitshot with print.
Romantic - mixing elements of sports and stufffeminine, romantic cut. For example, a light dress with floral pattern, denim jacket or a jacket and sneakers classic white or pastel shades.


R`n`B - sport-chic

R`n`B - an abundance of bright details, metallized fabrics, bright large jewelry, rhinestones and studs, high platform shoes.



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