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number of objects present in our wardrobe inmen's style. The idea of ​​wearing jeans under the name of "boyfriends" is also borrowed from the men. Note how well they fit into the pants in women's images. When the correct selection of clothes, accessories and shoes, we focus on elegance and tenderness of the female body. Many girls prefer this model of trousers. Fans of these jeans is considered a feminine dress and feel it as comfortable as possible. We have to admit that the garment is actually relevant and versatile. To him, you can select different options for the top and shoes, radically changing the image. We disclose this topic to find out who are jeans-boyfriends and what are their main characteristics. Consider what they should wear to look stylish, relaxed and inviting.


What are the things to wear jeans

These facts need to know about modernJeans-boyfriends. So, we have a model of jeans made in men's style, and often made with low-slung straight on hips. Groin loose. If the pants sit on the body fragile girl several ridiculous and it seems that it has borrowed them from her boyfriend, then achieved the desired effect. This is ideal for women with excessively lean physique. In this case, the public's attention will focus on the wasp waist, and at the same time disguise pants body leanness. You can see that almost all models are no decorative elements. There are options with a belt.


is an inherent part boyfriendsslots of different shapes, imitation dirt tracks, various abrasions. This garment adds a feminine image roughness and notes hooligan style. For this reason, a good fit relaxed jeans, active and brave individuals with moderately cocky behavior. In the presence of bulky hips and short legs is better to abandon expressed baggy jeans models. For full girls significantly complicated the process of choosing a well-fitting model. They are better guided on the straight cut and give up the bright colors. You can safely use boyfriends in all situations which do not involve a formal setting and non-committal to wear classic clothing business.


Almost always worn with boyfriendstucked leg. This detail confirms once again that the true owner of jeans - your boyfriend has a massive body and high growth. With the right podgibaniem jeans, their edge is clearly on 8-10 centimeters above the feet. If you make a mistake, and roll up jeans above this mark, then they turn into capris. And if tuck pant legs only 2-4 cm, it will create the impression that they are short.


How to wear jeans boyfriend

A good option is T-shirt or sweater,made in the form of a vest. Also, the best option is considered a free jacket in military style. Sports top or T-shirt, vest supplemented, also suitable as a top. If there is an opportunity to show the belly, then this is the model of jeans can easily translate. These approaches all shortened: tops, shirts and sweaters. Blouse of translucent material or feminine blazer also look great.


With good jeans combined waisted shirtin men's style. If you choose a free shirt, it is usually tied at the waist or tucked under your belt. Sweatshirt Jacket Park and is also among the top current options. It also includes some models turtleneck and leather jackets. Boyfriends can be worn with many varieties of shoes, often used shoes, sneakers, moccasins, sneakers, Timberland and Lofer.


Well suited shoes equipped with a heel orplatform. Recognizable leg tucked up the perfect ensemble with the shoes with a narrow nose and hairpin. Not all are able to wear heels, as an alternative to the shoes, you can choose the elegant ballet flats or sandals. For cool-weather suit boots, boots Cossacks or other models of boots with heels.


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