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We continue the conversation about the fashion trends of the spring-summer 2017. What clothes are fashionable this season - you will learn about this from our article. Be fashionable!

How to dress stylishly: tips


Many of the trends of this spring came to us from past seasons. One of such trends is the bombs. Do not rush to part with your favorite bombers, because This season they are still more than relevant.


Trendy trends of the season

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Trendy trends of the season


Velvet is still in a trend. So if in the fall you bought a velvet jacket, a bomb or a dress in a linen style (linen style, by the way, is also still relevant), you can safely wear them this spring.


Trendy trends of the season


Trendy trends of the season


Ruches are the most feminine trend of this season. Ruches are everywhere - on tops, dresses and skirts, but also on trousers, bags and even shoes. A new romance! Dress up tops with ruffles with unusual denim, trend trousers. In any case, remember the magic properties of frills - they expand your body - so do not get carried away!


Trendy trends of the season


Asymmetric things always look unusual andStylish. The biggest difficulty is to pick up the thing of an asymmetric cut so that it is perfect. The biggest plus - these things do not go out of fashion, so you can safely invest in them.


Trendy trends of the season


Trendy trends of the season

Top bustier

Top bustier is such a small detail,Which can make a completely classic image trend. Put it on top of sweatshirts, shirts, blouses and t-shirts. Its relevance depends only on its style. If you choose a "calm" style, then such a top will never look defiant and vulgar, but it will add a little "pepper" to your outfit.


Trendy trends of the season


This season the strip is bright and colorful. Are you looking for a new top, dress or pants? Do not forget about the strip!


Trendy trends of the season


Trendy trends of the season

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Trendy trends of the season

T-shirts with slogans and logos

We think that T-shirts with the inscriptions are mandatoryShould be in the basic wardrobe. T-shirt with the inscription lives its life and often plays an important role in the outfit. In this season, T-shirts with brand names are very popular (thanks, Gucci :)).


Trendy trends of the season

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Trendy trends of the season

Clothes & Footwear - Metallic

Metallic is called one of the main trends of thisSeason. This is a modern classic. We think that the metallic will never lose its relevance, so take advantage of the fact that designers are now actively releasing things of this color and replenish your wardrobe with interesting finds.


Trendy trends of the season


Trendy trends of the season

Off your shoulders! How to wear outerwear?

This is a new fashionable way to dress outerwear,Which is completely useless for ordinary life, but it is very convenient for blogs and streetstyle shootings, because in this way it is possible to show the image very cool! :) So, if you go to an event where you will be photographed, take such a trick on a note.


Trendy trends of the season


Trendy trends of the season

Unusual denim

Designers continue to experiment withJeans, so denim in the spring season is not boring. Pay attention to the shortened models - it can be a wide model or skinnie, but its length should be higher than your ankle. Also, variants from the combined denim, jeans with a rough cut and the torn edge at the bottom of the trousers are still relevant. Your jeans can decorate ruches or embroidery. If you really like the model "klesh", then again it is better to choose a shortened version.


Trendy trends of the season

Transparent skirt

Transparent skirts can be called the most discussed and controversial trend of the season.
If you have not yet replenished continuously growing rows of fans for this trend, we strongly advise you to do it, it is the transparent skirt that has become one of the main things of this season.


Trendy trends of the season


Trendy trends of the season

Top with bare shoulders

This season, the shoulders became the object of attentionSurrounding - in a fashion boom on tops and dresses with open shoulders. Airy and incredibly flirty silhouettes decorate most of the summer collections of clothing - from top couturiers to mass brands.


Trendy trends of the season

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Trendy trends of the season


Trendy trends of the season


Trendy trends of the season

Camouflage style

Particularly will please sports girls the following news: in a fashion camouflage colors - trousers of a military cut.


Trendy trends of the season

Pants with stripes

In modern interpretation, trousers with stripesLook very unusual and fresh. Not everyone can accept this trend, but if you have the courage, dare! Pants with stripes will be definitely appreciated in a fashionable get-together, but in a business image for meeting with conservative partners it is better to give preference to the good old-fashioned classics.


Trendy trends of the season


Trendy trends of the season

Sandals and fur

Another fashion trend of the season - fur


Trendy trends of the season

Be fashionable! Beautiful girl!!!

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