How beautiful to tie a headscarf on your head

Barcode, able to add a twist to the imageWomen, - a small detail of the wardrobe, an accessory that gives the woman an element of grace and expressiveness, mischief and solidity. A scarf, beautifully tied on the head, is a sign of aesthetic taste and a fashionable garment.

Different colors, textures with the sameStyle make women find more sophisticated ways to tie a headscarf. Ideas are drawn from African motifs of fashion, ethno-style, are found in Hollywood stars. Adding in each way a little imagination, a woman creates her own style of tying.

The basis is quite complex and simple at the same time science considered ways to fold a handkerchief. There are only three:


triangularWhen two opposite ends are joined, bending the panel diagonally;

diagonalIt is recommended for small size scarves;

rectangular method is ideal for panels of solid color.


Knowing the basics, you can easily learn to tie an accessory in any technique and look awesome at the same time.

4 fashionable ways to tie a scarf

"Hollywood Chic". Folded in a triangular way, a kerchief onHead, cross the tips crosswise under the chin, tied behind. The main cloth should be free to lie on the hair, not pulling together a beautiful hairstyle. The technique of tying is simple, but it is no less attractive.

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How beautiful to tie a headscarf on your head

Pirates of the Caribbean. Fold the great cloth with a triangle,Forehead, completely closing it, and now just wrap the ends of the kerchief back and tie a knot at the back of the head. The cloth should fit tightly around the head, while the curls of the occipital zone of the hair should be dissolved or collected in a bundle. The image of a glorious piratka seductress is ready.

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How beautiful to tie a headscarf on your head

"Desperate Housewife." Technique will quickly and effectively remove from the faceUnruly hair, learn - easy. Fold the cloth fabric in a diagonal way, put it on your head so that your ears are closed, and your hair is picked up, tie up the ends with a knot, hiding them under either a handkerchief or simply tie it with a beautiful bow. Playful naughty style is guaranteed.

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How beautiful to tie a headscarf on your head

"Turban". Oriental technique of tying a handkerchief is popularAmong fashionistas who prefer ethno-style in the wardrobe or applauding African motifs in clothes. It is simple: fold the fabric in a rectangular way, holding the ends of the strip with your hands, wind the canvas behind your head, crossing the tips on your forehead twice. Having made a noose, wind the ends back and tie them, hiding under the canvas. The bandage in oriental style is ready.

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How beautiful to tie a headscarf on your head

Do not be afraid to experiment, mix styles,Create new images. How to learn to tie a headscarf in the classical versions you already know, it remains to master the space for creativity and fantasy.

Be the most fashionable babe! Good luck!

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