Golden transferable tattoos

But fashion-tusovka decided to recall the past: In 2010 Karl Lagerfeld adorned body model black temporary tattoos, two years later a collection of nine transferred tattoo Les Ors de Peau presented of Dior, and in 2015 gold transferable tattoos have become available to the general public - Flash Tattoos by Miranda Barnett conquered the youth of its availability and the ephemeral beauty .

Stars choose a temporary tattoo

The new "trick" is not only suitable for those whoafraid to make a permanent tattoo. Many stars flaunt temporary pictures on the body, laying out photos in Instagram. Under the hashtag #flashtattoo can find photos of Beyonce, Lena Perminov, Vera Brezhnev, Jourdan Dunn and many others.


Rihanna went even further: she released her own line of Flash Tattoos in gold and black colors. The abundance of images allows to transform into elves, princesses and gypsies at least daily for months without repeating the same image.

Benefits transferable tattoos

It is obvious that temporary tattoos have many "pros" in comparison with the traditional:

  • complement any image (from the beach bow to the image of the evening);
  • applied and removed for 3-7 minutes without any tools;
  • absolutely non-toxic and safe for the skin;
  • no pain when applied;
  • See the original and bold;
  • You can find cheap gold transferable tattoos of different styles, from steampunk to ethnic motives.

Rules of application and removal of transferable tattoo

To put Flash Tattoos correctly, you need todegrease the selected area of ​​the skin and dry it thoroughly. Then the selected tattoo removed the protective film, and drawing is applied to the skin for 5 seconds, and it should be abundantly moisten with water. After this unnecessary piece of paper will fall behind the skin, and sparkling gold tattoo will show off another 5-7 days.

Most importantly - do not apply to her rich cream and butter and resist mechanical stress, it may damage your image.

To remove faded Flash Tattoos, it is enough to wipe swab moistened makeup remover or body oil.

Rules of application and removal of transferable tattoo

Translation tattoo, by the way, canperceived not only as decoration but also as a method of sculpting: properly selected picture will highlight the obliques, the clavicle or other enticing areas of the female body.

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