Fringe - the trend of the season spring-summer

Earlier fringe has wardrobe attributea kind of informal groups such as hippies or people of a certain range, but now it is decorated with ornaments, created by great designers. Fringes can be different: short and long, on top of the dresses, and instead of them, in the form of tassels adorning the hem of her dress.

In the spring-summer season of active fringeused as decoration of clothing, shoes, accessories, as well as acts almost as a basic outfit. Admit it, have something to come to a complete delight to fans of silk ribbons, twisted threads of leather and laces.

Dresses with fringe

Especially popular in the spring-summer seasonDress-poncho with fringe adorning the hem and neck line. This style gives the figure of fragility and femininity, dancing and rope make the image lighter and energetic.

Dresses with fringe: Barbara Bui

Trimming of all kinds can be any length andmade of any material, including leather, suede, silk or cotton yarn and fabric unusual textures. For example, Alexander Wang and Barbara Bui fringe made of leather, from Alberta Ferretti and Issey Miyake, it is a thin colored strings are made of the same yarn as the dress itself.

Dresses with fringe: Alexander Wang, Issey Miyake

All kinds of tassels can act as a separate element of decorating the sleeves, collars, neckline or hem of her dress, and as a basic outfit.

Dresses with fringe: Barbara Bui, Christian Siriano

Fringes can be in the form of long color"Noodles", decorating light dresses in the style of the 20's or be a continuous web of thin threads, which is not so much a decorative item as the original filament hem - any manifestation fringe true in the spring and summer season.

Dresses with fringe: Christian Siriano, Christopher Kane

It is enough to look at familiar fringe dresses with ethnic motifs (Valentino), or in Gothic style (Givenchy), which partly resemble alluring camisole and negligees.

Dresses with fringe: Valentino. Givenchy

Skirts with fringe

Latest trend of fashion - skirt with fringe, andhere it is located or in several layers, or one, but with a very long threads. For example, Elisabetta Franchi presented some good bands with a skirt, decorated with long fringe.

Skirts with fringe: Elisabetta Franchi, Sonia Rykiel

Loewe presented a skirt with a shiny "noodles"reminiscent of festive tinsel. Stella Jean surprised at the show all its "fringed" skirt decorated with a falling cascade of multi-colored ribbons, which give the amount in the right places.

Skirts with fringe: Loewe, Stella Jean

Fashion skirt with fringe perfectly combined both with T-shirts and sweaters in a casual style, and to strict jackets and blouses, with both sneakers and with high heels.

Tops and jackets with fringe

Fringed decorated not only dresses and skirts, butand tops, jackets and svitshoty and jackets. For example, Barbara Bui and Elisabetta Franchi build the entire spring-summer collection of things around, decorated with fringe, from tops and trousers to jackets and summer jackets.

Jackets with fringe: Barbara Bui, Elisabetta Franchi

Designers mix fringe just a few things: a skirt with a cape, pants with a jacket ... Do it out of leather, suede, textiles, yarn - any texture for creating "fringed" decor.

Tops with fringe: Elisabetta Franchi, Barbara Bui

Footwear and accessories with fringe

Of course, the trend on the fringe, not bypassedand accessories, especially handbags and belts, and shoes. Bags-seat, wicker baskets handbags, backpacks adorned with tails, brushes and other "hanging" elements - the most successful shopping season.

Bags with fringes: Issey Miyake, Balenciaga

There are also more glamorous options, such as miniature handbags and clutches of lacquered wicker or natural skin, but always with a fringe.

Bags with fringes: Balenciaga, Nina Ricci

The emergence of models of shoes on his feet with a fringe,meditative swaying in time with the movements, says that the shoes, slippers, sandals with tassels dancing promises to be a trend in the coming spring-summer season.

Shoes with fringe: Issey Miyake, Stella Jean

Hard to say what was the reason for the popularityfringe: ethnics fashion or the desire to revive the image and give it momentum. The fact remains - in the fashion fringe, any length and of any material. This trend, which has been, is and will always be present on the catwalks and in the shop windows.

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