Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Undisputed leaders are difficult to distinguish, duringShows collections autumn-winter 2017-2018 was presented to many interesting and truly fashionable models of shoes. But critics have their "favorites" - shoes that especially attracted attention

Shoes with pointed toe

To similar "favorites" it is possible to carry shoes with a sharp toe. Fashion on the sharp-nosed models was born back in the 2000s, after a short time she remained in a state of forgetting and again returned to the fashion podiums.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

This trend is different designers interpreted in their own way. Nevertheless, most modern sharp-nosed models are fundamentally different from the past. Now the extended nose is combined with massive heels, a wedge and other design details.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Increasingly popular are shoes with pointed toe at low speed. Similar models were presented by Lanvin, Victoria Beckham, Mugler, Giorgio Armani.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018


Along with a small black dress, this shoeWon the hearts of fashion designers all over the world many years ago and still remains the number one theme of any show. In the autumn-winter season 2017-2018, both traditional shoes in the skin and more extravagant boats made of velvet, textiles and transparent plastic will be fashionable.


Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

The height of the heel is also not measured by a single standard: the models walked on the catwalk and on a tall hairpin, and in low-speed boat shoes.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Platform and massive heels

If a thin hairpin does not suit you, it's not worth it.Immediately go to the boots. Elie Saab, Gabriela Hearts, Mary Katrantzou came up with original shoes on a comfortable wide heel and a stable platform. The advantages of such models are not much to say, they are known to everyone who at least once wore such shoes. Modern urban residents will definitely appreciate this fashion trend.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Some designers added shoesOriginality, and in places and frank "fricovity." It turned out something in the style of street-style: a little bold and simultaneously feminine. Plus, all such models visually add a few centimeters of growth, while remaining stable and most comfortable.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Sculpting heel

For the most extravagant women of fashion, there are alsoSuitable models. For them, designers came up with shoes with a stable heel of unusual shape. Sculptural, heel-cones and heels-trapezium - futuristic forms in fashion.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Some models of shoes can be exhibited in the museum or at least shod for the exit on the red carpet.


Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Low Heel Shoes

Convenience and beauty are the two main rules of the autumn-winter season 2017-2018. Now comfortable shoes have ceased to be a forced measure. Low heel has become a new trend in high and everyday fashion.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

For those who simultaneously appreciate the comfort andElegance and does not want to give up an elegant hairpin, designers came up with a low heel kitten heel. Shoes on such a tiny heel look just as feminine and elegant, as on a high heel.


Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Open shoes

Europeans do not care about winter! Many designers still live memories of summer. Shoes with an open heel or a sock they offer to wear even in the cold season.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

From summer shoes such open shoes differ only in color - most models are made in dark brown, gray, black, marsh green range.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Straps and fasteners

In the 2017-2018 season, designers are invited to drawAttention not to color, but to form. Even dark autumn-winter footwear can look fashionable with an abundance of fancy interlaced belts and fasteners. Rough gladiators with weaving to the knee should not be taken out of the closet, but it's quite appropriate to buy a pair of shoes with several straps.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

High fashion sometimes pleases us with practical footwear,Which can easily move from the podium to everyday life. This includes comfortable shoes with a T-shaped buckle and buckle, firmly fixing the leg, which makes you feel comfortable even with a high heel. In addition, the clasp can serve as an additional decoration of shoes.


Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Shoes in men's style

Although masculinity is gradually receding into the past,Many designers do not want to say goodbye to this trend. Giorgio Armani, Ellery, Mugler, Proenza Schouler, Victoria Beckham brought a bit of unisex in the autumn-winter displays of 2017-2018 in the form of rough loffers, monks, derbies and brags.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

The rule that men's shoes are necessaryNecessarily combine with the business style or at least wear with jeans, has long been outdated. Fashion women choose brutal shoes, complementing her even the most gentle image.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Reptile leather shoes

In addition to classic leather and suede among the popularMaterials, you can also highlight shoes with imitation of reptile skins. Bright representatives of "snake" shoes are present in the collections of Jason Wu, John Galliano, Mulberry, Brock Collection. Serpentine coloring acquired not only the top of the shoes, but also the heel.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

If most designers have chosen the shades typical of the natural colors of reptiles, then in the collection of Mulberry you can find bright shoes with embossed for snake skin.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Shoes of metallic shades

Glossy surfaces, reflective elements,Shimmering glitter, leather with embossed metallic color - the approaching autumn your shoes should dazzle with glitter. This trend has established itself a few more seasons ago, but now he has finally moved from the podiums to the streets.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Cold silver or warm gold metallicApplicable not only on elegant boats, but also on loffers and brags. The conclusion is this: in this season you need to be brave and translate metallic from a number of special cases into the category of everyday images. Also, the autumn-winter season 2017-2018 introduces a new trend - the combination of gold and silver in one image.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Fur finish

To prevent the legs from freezing, the autumn-winter season will be filled with warm fur. Warm not only the top of the shoes, but also their inner part, so in such shoes you can walk up to the first snow.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Fur shoes are combined with fashionable in this season colored coats and dresses with fur trim - if you, of course, decide to wear them.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Decorative decorations

To make the cold season a bit more fun,Designers tried to give fashionable shoes the most summer look. Rhinestones, openwork perforated patterns, ribbons, sequins, brooches, stones - choose according to your taste.


Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Decorated not only evening shoes, but alsoCasual shoes, which will fit not only in a romantic summer bow, but also in a strict business image. The best ideas how to properly decorate shoes, you can peek in the collections of Antonio Marras, Dolce & Gabbana, Badgley Mischka, Gucci, Miu Miu.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Shoes with a metallic nose

The autumn-winter season 2017-2018 brought another new trend in the decoration of shoes - a metal patch on the toe. Similar models were presented by Calvin Klein, Moschino, Nina Ricci, Stella McCartney.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Metal blotches look equally good, both on a square and pointed tip, as on elegant boats, and on rough brags and loffers.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

White shoes

The real hit of the autumn-winter season 2017-2018Steel shoes in white. Let not the most practical, but they are perfectly combined with jeans, black trousers and colorful dresses. Fashionable and modern look white shoes along with black tights and socks.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Dries Van Noten, Tibi, Lanvin, Max Mara and other well-known brands presented snow-white footwear without a single decoration, focusing all our attention on color.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Transparent shoes

The fashion for "naked" shoes is then extinguished, then againgaining momentum. Also, as with white shoes, completely transparent models are far from practical and not at all convenient. But no one says that it should be worn on a daily basis - such shoes are only on the way out.


Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

There are both completely transparent models, and in combination with skin and textiles.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Shoes made of textile

In addition to leather, suede and plastic among the popularMaterials can also be distinguished shoes from denim, satin, velvet and lace. Bright representatives of fabric shoes are present in the collections of Gucci, Miu Miu, Rochas, Brock Collection.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

But the most popular material for the second consecutive season was velvet, which served not only for finishing the top of the shoes, but also the heel and platform.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Even losers and monks in velvet performance looked completely different.

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Fashionable shoes autumn-winter 2017-2018

Fashionable shoes in the autumn-winter season 2017-2018Thanks to the efforts of designers are far from boring closed models in the usual dark shades. So while on the street is still warm, safely put on transparent or "metal" shoes and be in the trend.

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