Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

In addition, the new palette includes not 10 as it was before, but 16 colors, of which Pantone separately singled out four classical base shades.

♥ The top most fashionable shades of the spring-summer season of 2018 included:

  • yellow Meadowlark and Lime Punch;
  • lilac Ultra Violet and Spring Crocus;
  • pink Pink Lavender and Blooming Dahlia;
  • rich red Cherry Tomato;
  • brown Chili Oil and Emperador;
  • blue Little Boy Blue;
  • green Arcadia;
  • neutral Almost Mauve.

1. Meadowlark

Juicy and fresh tone of "Oriole" in spring is brightis part of the trendy collection of the warm season and, moreover, is the main color of spring-summer 2018. Meadowlark is the sun's heat and vital energy. He is filled with joy and fun.

This color is found in many collections: Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Diane von Furstenberg, Gucci, Prabal Gurung, Calvin Klein.

Meadowlark Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

It is an independent, full-bodied tone, but it is perfectly combined with other shades. Combine the Oriole with monochrome colors: with white and black or trendy Warm Sand this season.

Meadowlark Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

2. Cherry Tomato

Impulsive shade, which combinesreddish and orange tones. Its warm radiance can not be overlooked, it is uncommon and expressive. Clothing in this shade is for bright and confident personalities.

Look for this shade in the following collections: Altuzarra, Proenza Schouler, Delpozo, Gucci, Rodarte, Victoria Beckham, Adam Selman, Christian Dior.

Cherry Tomato Altuzarra, Adam Selman

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

The shades of red are well combined with many colors. Cherry Tomato perfectly blends with the black, white, gold and fashionable classic shade of Coconut Milk.

Cherry Tomato Proenza Schouler, Delpozo

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

3. Little Boy Blue

Sky Blue is now not only a privilegelittle boys. The blue and the azure of the morning skies were entwined in a gentle shade of Little Boy Blue. He seems to promise us the advent of a new bright day. Calm and at the same time nontrivial - this shade of blue skies fascinates at first sight.

Clothing in this color included in their collections such famous brands as Versace, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera.

Little Boy Blue Michael Kors, Versace

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

This color looks equally good asalone, and in combination with other pastel shades. Pink-peach, muted mint, ivory, beige and neutral white are the best partners in the color palette. Little Boy Blue also combines with the fashionable Pink Lavender, Almost Mauve and Coconut Milk.

Little Boy Blue Carolina Herrera, Versace

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

4. Chili Oil

Deep brown-red color Chili Oilis associated with a burning and bright seasoning. Add a piquant note to your spring wardrobe, and you'll see that stylish clothes in the color "Chili Oil" will not go unnoticed.

Chili Oil looks particularly luxurious with loved oneshe shades: brown, burgundy, red, brick, terracotta. Coach, Altuzarra, Marchesa and a number of well-known brands have included this delightful color in their collections.

Chili Oil Coach, Altuzarra

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

5. Pink Lavender

Pink color is included in the top fashion trends of this season, which is represented by three shades at once. One of them is Pink Lavender. A calm lilac-pink tone gives peace and tranquility.

Despite this, boring or beaten it is notcall. In it there was a place and lilac, and pink, and lavender notes. Such a complex combination is best combined with colors such as: mint, white, beige, brown and light gray. But the "Pink Lavender" with the fashionable "Boy Blue" looks especially good - a more natural color "companion" for Pink Lavender simply can not be found.

Pink Lavender Versace

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

Michael Kors, Rodarte, Tom Ford, Versace, Gucci - many famous fashion houses have made "Pink Lavender" the main color of their collections spring-summer 2018.

Pink Lavender Tom Ford, Versace

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

6. Blooming Dahlia

Another shade of pink with a clear peach podtonom - Blooming Dahlia literally translates as "Blossoming Dahlia". This shade is also very attractive with its charm, like the flower itself.

The best "Blossoming Dahlia" comes to whitecolor. Coral, peach and pink pales Blooming Dahlia together with white - an excellent base for the compilation of daily summer bows. Some designers combined the "Blossoming Dahlia" with the fashionable "Orioles" - it turned out bright, unusual and very modern.

Blooming Dahlia Delpozo, Carolina Herrera

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

7. Arcadia

The Arcadia tone combines a touch of retro style and modernity. It's a fresh, fresh and stylish look at green. A light, barely perceptible bluish subtle introduces novelty into the main green.

The noble shade of Arcadia looks bestin solo performance. If desired, it can be diluted with light gray and yellow, ideally with the bright in the spring-summer season 2018 bright "Orioles" and a classic gray color from the palette of Pantone.

Arcadia Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

8. Ultra Violet

The original and complex color of Ultra Violet createsreal magic in the image. The extravagant purple tint admires and intrigues, causing a variety of associations depending on how well the matching colors are selected.

That the image does not seem gloomy, designers advise to combine "Ultraviolet" with other bright colors or to use independently.

Ultra Violet Gucci, Carolina Herrera

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

How to properly use this expressive color, you can learn from the example of the collections of Gucci, Carolina Herrera and Calvin Klein.

Ultra Violet Anna Sui, Carolina Herrera

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

9. Emperador

Warm, deep brown - trueautumn shade, however Pantone included it in the list of fashionable colors of the spring-summer season 2018. Apparently no one resisted the richness of the shade of Emperador, which lies in its warm, chocolate pans.

Especially good Emperador combined with velvet,making the material even "richer". This color can be used alone or in combination with others, ideally with muted shades. Some designers approached the use of this color very creatively - they connected Emperador with Meadowlark and Cherry Tomato - it turned out bright and very unusual.

Emperador Linder, Bottega Veneta

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

10. Almost Mauve

Fragile petals of a peony with a light pink-lilacshade - it is this image casts this delicate, delicate color. The color of Almost Mauve looks especially well on such textures as gentle silk, iridescent satin and flying chiffon.

Almost Mauve is included in the line of calm neutral shades and is suitable for any color appearance. Ideal for restrained bows, creating a lyrical and refined image.

Almost Mauve Marchesa, Prabal Gurung

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

11. Spring Crocus

Creepy and expressive Spring Crocus - anotherlilac shade in the fashion palette of the spring-summer season 2018. This color is both unique and universal, suitable for solo performance, and as an addition to other shades that are close to him in tone.

Best of all Spring Crocus harmonizes with fashion inthis season Almost Mauve, Pink Lavender and Ultra Violet. This combination of pink, lilac and purple hues can be found in the Anna Sui collection. Also, "Spring Crocus" is combined with classic white and black.

Spring Crocus Anna Sui, Christian Dior

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

12. Lime Punch

The bright acid-yellow color of Lime Punch is the samesharp as lime juice. This is a real challenge, especially the gentle romantic shades of the fashion palette from Pantone. At first glance, it may seem acrid and harsh, but only those who are ready for bold experiments will appreciate it.

Lime-yellow color looks especially well on tanned skin.

Lime Punch Marchesa, Delpozo

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

Classic base colors from Pantone

The classical palette included four basicneutral colors: navy blue, light gray, beige and white. According to the version of Pantone, it is from these shades that we should start off by drawing up the basic wardrobe and complement the image with the rest of the fashionable colors that went into the top 12.

1. Sailor Blue

The leading base color of the spring-summer palette 2018- saturated, dark blue shade of Sailor Blue. The fact that he was ranked as the most topical is not an accident. This color is universal, suitable for women of all types - from "spring" to "winter".

Color Sailor Blue is so versatile that it combines with any shades: from bright and saturated to pastel and muted, and in the first case it can balance the "flashy" tones.

Sailor Blue Michael Kors, Jason Wu

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

2. Harbor Mist

The tone of medium saturation, with a beige-gray podton "wing of a dove." This shade has become key in many collections. Such a seemingly boring color comes alive in combination with other colors.

Classics of the genre - shades of pink - fromsoftly-powdered to a saturated fuchsia. Choosing them for combination with the tone "Fog Harbor", you do not risk looking trivial. The moderate structure of the color of the Harbor Mist harmoniously complements the first and restrains the assertiveness of the second.

Harbor Mist Jason Wu, Michael Kors

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

3. Warm Sand

Quiet, comfortable and neutral Warm Sand, hewill become the connecting link of stylish images. This warm color was repelled by many designers. Experts in the field of color from the Panton Institute have chosen the color of Warm Sand as the leader of the basic palette for good reason.

Its combinatoriality is amazing. Due to its unobtrusiveness and neutrality, it harmoniously looks almost with all colors. But he still has his "favorites". Remember the azure coast, the sunset over the sea, the clouds and the green of the coastal vegetation. Nature itself hints that the best combinations for the tone "Warm Sand" - turquoise, pink, white and blue.

Warm Sand Alexander Wan, Tom Ford

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

4. Coconut Milk

The new representative of the white palette is Coconut Milk. This cool white color with a beige and gray midtone. This complex can form a warm shade combination - with yellow, brown, beige, caramel.

Cold combinations with the tone "Coconut milk" will be obtained if you combine it with a saturated gray, blue and purple hues.

Coconut Milk Marchesa, Alezander Wang

Fashionable colors spring-summer 2018 by Pantone

It was the 16 most fashionable shades of the seasonSpring-Summer 2018, named by experts of the Pantone Institute. Designers advise them to use not only in the wardrobe, but also in accessories, manicure and make-up. The easiest way to look always fashionable is to make up a basic wardrobe of classic colors, on occasion diluting it with bright details and accessories.

Be the most fashionable babe! Good luck!

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