Fashionable bags spring-summer 2017: trend models, photos

In general, the designers headed for versatility. In other words, even the most refined handbag or clutch can now fit perfectly in the sporty bow and big shopper and trunks can be worn just with a business suit. Fashion Week pleased us with its diversity, so feel free to proceed to the review.

Bags giants

In order to leave a little time to relax fromoffice rigor, many fashion houses offered to women of fashion to bet on the dimensionless leather shopper, bags, sacks and bags, trunks. Although, if desired, such a model can make even a part of the working image - Summer gives you the opportunity to relax a little.

Bags Giant Spring-Summer 2017 Celine

Balenciaga fashion suggested trunks, stylizedby shuttle traders bags. However, current models resemble the originals except that form. No tartan prints and cheap oilcloth fabric. Only genuine quality leather.

Another representative of the giant bags -Bag bag. Its shape is reminiscent of an ordinary bag, but it looks very fashionable. Instead of the usual zipper or buckle bag is equipped with a cord, which performs not only a decorative function. With it, you can adjust the volume of the bag, instead of all the essentials.

The most fashionable trunks are made of high-quality crocodile leather, complemented by decorative legs, snaps and swivels.


On the issue of the value of the catch bags designersextreme to the other. While some believe that the trend of the spring-summer season 2017 have to be giant bags, others call to pay attention to tiny Lilliputians bags. These mini-models are presented in the form of breast metal caskets and miniature purses for coins. For more spaciousness to wear these bags can be paired - one on a short strap, the other - on the long.

With waist purses Stella McCartney is the same story. They hardly vlezut only phone and purse with credit cards.

Bags-crescents Chloe bags in the shape of a trapezoidFendi povmestitelnee, but those who are used to wearing everything is always with you, hardly suitable. For them, and provides fashionable in the spring and summer season of 2017 bags giants.

Bags-Lilliputians Spring-Summer 2017 Fendi, Chloe

Classical models of bags

If you prefer the classic style,next spring, be sure to look closely to the bags Celine, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuiton, Miu Miu, Valentino. These brands on the background of the general originality, able to teach eternal Kelly handbags, bags, handbags and trapeze-tout in all Neskuchny guise.

Classic handbags Spring-Summer 2017 Celine, Versace

Clear geometric forms bags supplemented by a neat decoration: flower applique, rivets and handles in the form of braids.

Classic handbags Spring-Summer 2017 Louis Vuiton, Miu Miu

If your style borders on minimalism, youdelight Hugo Boss accessories. Bags of this brand were presented in two versions: in neutral shades of brown and bright colors. Plus their is that they are very roomy, comfortable and virtually universal. The same model can be easily fit into three or five images, without risking looking ridiculous or funny.

Classic handbags spring summer 2017 Hugo Boss

A few bags at a time

Another striking trend spring-summer season 2017- To wear a set of two or three bags of different sizes. The most common option - a large bag, pouch or bag classic rectangular shape, which is matched to the clutch or small bag. In all its glory, this approach showed Celine and Dolce & Gabbana.

A few bags at a time of spring-summer 2017 Celine, Dolce & Gabbana

John Galliano proposed a set consisting ofa backpack and a small handbag, designed in the same style and of the same materials. Tod's fashion brand designer approached this issue differently - he offers to carry several bags, different in style, color and material.

A few bags at a time of spring-summer 2017 Maison Margiela, Tods

Bag-bag or bag pouch

If we talk about style, the most fashionablethe spring-summer season of 2017 can be called the bag, pouch or bag-pouch. Almost every designer has included in his collection this model bag. Its main advantage - it is roomy, even when small in magnitude.

Bag-pouch Spring-Summer 2017 Alexander Wang, Chanel

Bags, pouches and bags, bags Alexander Wang does not stand out from the crowd, if not for the unusual shape of the handle in the form of a bracelet and bright summer colors.

Bag-Torba Spring-Summer 2017 Alexander Wang

Bags semicircular

Another popular style - bags or semi-circular shape Hobo bag. These models can be quite roomy,in this case due to the absence of sharp corners look very feminine and neat. This model is very versatile: it can fit in almost any way.

The semicircular bags do not need an abundance of decoration. Even evening variants comprise at least attention-grabbing elements, as all eyes are on their way.

Bags semicircular spring-summer 2017 Lemaire, Chloe

Bags, suitcases

Small bags, suitcases increasingly gainingpopularity, and judging by the abundance of them on the podium in the spring-summer season 2017 we are facing a real fashion "suitcase" boom. Fortunately, a variety of design allows you to choose a model for everyone.

Bags, briefcases spring-summer 2017 Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana

For example, Hermes and Dolce & Gabbana offeredsmall suitcase from crocodile skin and vines, Christian Dior and Chanel evening clutch boxes, and Louis Vuitton introduced the thumbnails of these grandmothers' chests.

Bags, briefcases Spring-Summer 2017 Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior


Small clutches are also in trend. Top play with shape, size, color, but the real sensation produced delicate Michael Kors clutch and Miu Miu with ruffles and voluminous petals. Their tenderness and originality can not be put into words - it seems that in the hands of the model hold true bouquets, just picked from the garden.

Clutches Spring-Summer 2017 Michael Kors, Miu Miu

Issey Miyake gave up the usual forms. "Fashion" for him means "original", so his clutches acquired a completely different form, which are far from the classic and traditional ideas. At the same time, Mary Katrantzou made a bet on the unusual materials: plastic, stone, metal.

Clutch spring-summer 2017 Issey Miyake, Mary Katrantzou

Also pleased with the variety of colors of bags Miu Miu and Chanel. The usual rectangular shape clutches would be banal if not juicy summer shades.

Clutch spring-summer 2017 Miu Miu, Chanel

Bags, repeating print on clothing

Designers all can never say goodbye toimages of the total look. It has been popular for the past year, so no surprise return to the catwalks handbags, hair's breadth repeating the print, color and texture of clothes.

Bags, repeating print Spring-Summer 2017 Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana

Especially the idea of ​​exploiting the fashion houseChanel. After considerable success of the autumn-winter collection, built on the basis of the total look, the designer decided to use the same methods and the new spring-summer collection 2017.

Bags, repeating print Spring-Summer 2017 Chanel

Fashionable bags, imitating his clothesowner, were also well represented at the shows Stella McCartney and Fendi. Designers have tried to make the bag is not just a place for the transportation of things, but an indispensable part of the image.

Bags, repeating print Spring-Summer 2017 Stella McCartney, Fendi

Bags made of reptile skin

When normal skin exhausts itself as a materialcreative, designers are turning to more expensive and the original reptile skin. Prints in the form of coloring snakes and crocodiles are found everywhere: Altuzarra, Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Louis Vuiton, Miu Miu, Valentino.

Bags made of reptile skin Spring-Summer 2017 Louis Vuiton, Miu Miu

Designers have tried to diversifythis trend. Thus, instead of the classic gray, black, bog-green shades are presented yellow, blue, burgundy and purple bags from reptile skin. Also in vogue combination of several textures - leather mix python, lizard and crocodile.

Bags made of reptile skin Spring-Summer 2017 Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino

Bags with fringes

Fringe firmly occupied a niche in high fashion is still inlast season. But in the season of spring-summer 2017 promises it has already fully migrate from clothes to bags. Faithful supporters of this trend began to Giorgio Armani, Altuzarra, Hermes, Loewe.

Bags with fringes Spring-Summer 2017 Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani and Lanvin presented lineupevening clutches, decorated with fringe trend. Loewe presented an original mix of minimalism and boho-chic, decorating bags precise geometric shape small fringe tassels.

Bags with fringes Spring-Summer 2017 Giorgio Armani, Loewe

Bags with metallic effect

"Metal" on a par with accessoriesmetallic dresses, skirts and trousers in the trend is not the first season. Many leading designers have presented this spring line of bags with metallic effect: from everyday capacious versions to evening clutches and small bags on a long chain.

Bags with metallic effect of spring-summer 2017 Fendi, Kenzo

In addition to the classics in the form of gold and silver bags in fashion accessories from the metallic color, with a holographic effect and metallic texture under the skin of reptiles.

Bags with metallic effect Spring-Summer 2017 Chanel, Altuzarra

Unusual patterns of bags

To give vent to his boundless imagination,Some designers have abandoned the usual form of bags. Thus it appeared on the catwalks: Bag-drum bag robot carpet-bag, and other strange model. Hellbent rolls, but these unusual bags will appeal to art connoisseur Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, which teaches us every season something special.

Fancy handbags Spring-Summer 2017 Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel

More mundane models introduced brand Issey Miyake. It offers comfortable wearing the bag over his shoulder, whose form is also far from the ordinary.

Fancy handbags spring summer 2017 Issey Miyake

As you can see, in a fashion reigns sheer eclecticism. A variety of styling, colors, prints and shapes is fully consistent with the mood of the city, where every fashionista - individuality. So do not be afraid to express themselves through unusual bags, which in the spring-summer 2017 season will be in bulk.

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