Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

At the shows, designers were shown in that ordifferently familiar trends. Nevertheless, they managed to develop a certain fashionable handwriting of the future warm season. He will be more attracted to the fashionable images of the last century.
We chose the 10 most important trends of the spring-summer season of 2018 and the brightest of them are things made of silicone and PVC.

Trend 1 - clothes made of plastic

The trend for transparent things went beyond light dresses and blouses from air chiffon and organza. Now, along with "transparent" shoes and bags in fashion, plastic clothes.

Fashion trends spring-summer -1

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Let silicone, PVC and other types of plasticthe best materials for making clothes, especially the summer, but they make a variety in everyday life, exposing our life for show. Transparent bag deprives her mistress of any secrets, "invisible" ankle boots and shoes demonstrate how perfectly the pedicure is made, and trousers and a skirt made of transparent plastic will display the figure and underwear for everyone. But there is a plasticity and positive qualities: if the weather suddenly deteriorates, then it will easily replace the umbrella or raincoat.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-2

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Trend 2 - long fringe

For the last few seasons, this elementdecor is actively used in clothes, shoes and accessories, and also appears almost as a basic outfit. In the spring-summer season 2018, the fringe became even longer and heavier.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-3

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Fringe decorates even sportswear, adding to it even more dynamism, and also eliminating unnecessary rigor laconic suits.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-5

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Trend 3 - pink total look

The trend of the image in a single color is gaining momentum. In this season the pink total look comes to the fore. Designers advise not to be afraid of this color and to dress in all pink from head to heels.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-6

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

This spring, we will irritate the views of bright fuchsia and touch the images in a gently pink color. Finally, the girls will really be able to take their soul.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-7

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Trend 4 - denim

In the spring-summer season 2018, we will have to recallfashionable 80's and a special technique for making jeans. Modern models do not differ much from the "past" jeans: in fashion, all the same retro styles like "bananas" and decoration in the form of huge patch pockets. In addition to the classic blue jeans in the trend, bright jeans fluorescent colors.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-9

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Trend 5 - sequins and glitter

The appearance on the catwalks of a huge number of sequins and glitter on a square centimeter of fabric resulted in one more trend. In fashion, shiny fabrics with lurex and decor of sparkles of different sizes and colors.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-10

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Shining bombers, trench coats with scales from multicolored sequins - today the sequins completely moved from the evening fashion to the everyday wardrobe.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-11

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Trend 6 - Pop Art Prints

T-shirts and sweatshots, albeit with the boldestinscription, no one is surprised. Designers offer a new way to express themselves - with the help of pop-art prints. Funny inscriptions, heroes of comics and cartoons, illustrations of art paintings and food products - designers in full demonstrate their ironic attitude to high fashion.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-13

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Clothing with colorful prints is not news forfashion world - Jeremy Scott is always happy fans of dresses with elements of pop art. In the spring-summer season of 2018, other designers joined in. Prada, Versace, Calvin Klein and several other well-known brands have included in their collections clothing with typical elements of pop art.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-15

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Trend 7 - Mix of prints

Let the leopard images do not rush to leavefashion podiums, and the traditional strip for the summer remains the number one print - only its direction and color change - these prints are no longer needed separately. This spring, designers suggest that we try to combine several patterns in one image.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-17

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

It turns out that the leopard fits perfectly with"Goose paw", a cage with flowers, and a strip with fashionable elements of pop art this season. Now it is allowed to wear prints in different ways: simply combine things with different patterns or use printblocking, when in one outfit several prints are mixed at once.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018-18

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Trend 8 - American style

The world influence of America was reflected even inhigh fashion. Thus, the traditional "pro-American fashion" with elements of modernity entered the top of the main trends of the spring-summer season 2018. Silk cowboy shirts, leather fringed jackets, lace bombers, trendy cowboy boots - all this we will wear in the coming spring.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018 - 20

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Trend 9 - a new masculine look

Masculine cut then disappears from the field of vision, thenagain enters into the top fashion trends. In this season, the costumes as from the male shoulder are again relevant. In addition to the traditional for the style of black and white scale in fashion, gentle pastel shades and flowing fabrics, which with male elements of cut completely erase the line between male and female.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018 - 212

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

Trend 10 - Black and White

The spring-summer season is associated with ussaturated or, conversely, with muted colors and colorful prints. Of course, in the first place designers have bright colors, but the monochrome scale also found its "warm" place in the summer wardrobe in the form of a graphic combination of black and white: "chessboard", elements of pop art, peas and diamonds.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018 - 24

Fashion trends spring-summer 2018: top 10, photo

These were the 10 main trends of the spring-summerseason 2018. In fact, they are much more, but to list everything is meaningless. Cloaks, floral motifs, various cutouts, transparent fabrics and other "established" trends will constantly be present in fashion collections. We just wanted to tell you about the most important directions of this warm season. Use them wisely, preferring only those that are right for you.

Be the most stylish babe! Good luck!

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