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Maestro Karl Lagerfeld never ceases to amazeadmirers of his creative genius - a new collection of Fendi pleasing to the eye not only for its bright clothes must wear, but also breathtaking makeup, created by talented make-up artists. In addition to backpacks and Chalker, who came to us from the 90's, stylist Sam McKnight and Peter Phillips-experts in the field of make up - gave an unrealistic model, rather a "cartoon" look.


Showing Fendi- makeup and hairstyles to fashion show

Animation really inspired Karl Lagerfeld to create a puppet images, and the main character of the animated film "Ralph" baby Vanilopa if alive in the fashion show of Fendi.
Those girls on the catwalk sparkling color blushripe peach, and his lips, completely studded with glitter, looked as if melting in the sun rose gold. The balance in the make-up has made the following focus on the eyes: the dramatic cat with the arrow marked tips of both the outer and the inner corners of the eyes, gave parties models expressive eyes wide open eyes doll.

Fendi Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2017 in Milan

"If I gave the line more clarity - imageIt would have remained a deliberately elegant, losing its punk carelessly, "- complements the make-up artist. Many fashion guru commented that such a creative make-up would envy itself "peppercorn" Emma Bunton, in the 90s known for his nickname BabySpice- doll face and plenty of accessories to costumes.
Stylist McKnight added a few strokes inhair decoration - small tails on both sides - and put on a lot of small acrylic hair zakolochek most varied forms taken from handbags Fendi.

Fendi Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2017 in Milan

Gigi and Bella Hadid - an ornament of any fashiondisplay - hovered over the podium in the image of the heroine of Japanese manga comics and looked more rebellious than romantic fragile characters Disney universe.


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