Cardigan - classics in your wardrobe

Cardigan - an integral part of the wardrobe. The best way to feel cozy and at the same time fascinating look - says famous stylist Rachel Zoe. The same love of cardigans and she instilled in her the star to clients - Kira Knightley and Misha Barton. Wear a cardigan with jeans and feminine blouse worn over a little black dress and complement noticeable belt. Another advantage - a cardigan can be worn all year round. It is warm in winter and serve as a wonderful alternative to street clothes in the offseason.

Basic wardrobe - Cardigan

Cardigan - Classic knitted jacket with long sleeves with buttons or zippers - included in the rating of basic things that everyone has.
Today, no male or female fashion-shownot without sets, built on the basis of this simple wool sweaters. And despite all the variety of cut and silhouette, fashion historians remember the classic pattern: this is an option up to mid-thigh, without a collar, with a deep V-neck and large pockets with buttons.


Of the numerous written and pictorialsources it is known that in the warm and cozy cardigans Kuta Scandinavian sailors. Earl of Cardigan - James Thomas Brudenell - British General wore under his uniform tunic. Also, the general made and insulate their soldiers who served with him. So with the help of the most common general jacket got its name "cardigan".


First cardigans, similar to its brim with modernmodel, began to come into use at the turn of the IX and X centuries. Due to the coarse-knitted and unattractive appearance they do not attract the attention of wealthy people. The representatives of the aristocracy still wore chic fur.
Gradually it became binding the other - thin, soft wool. By cardigans, steel buttons sewn from expensive metals, ivory and even precious stones.

Coco Chanel and cardigan

The golden age came through cardiganfashion designer, which gave women the opportunity to wear men's stuff. Of course, we are talking about Coco Chanel, without which no cost, no fashion revolution at the beginning of the XX century. In 1918 she presented to the public set audacious - a mix of straight skirt and cardigan with shortened conventional patch pockets and contrast stitching on the edges. So quietly, but rapidly from male models cardigan migrated to the female wardrobe.
In the seventies fashion for cardigans supportedUS President Jimmy Carter. He is the world's political elite is obliged relaxed style, semi-formal, that is, semi-official way, which neatly pressed trousers and shirt combined with a perfect little careless jacket of fine wool.


Cardigan and style - grunge

Rockers and punks together with jeans worn almostnot shapeless sweaters in geometric pattern. The most popular fan cardigans became the leader of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain: grunge icon adored strange jackets. Thanks to the singer Cardigan became ostromodnye thing were all, without exception, and then entered the list of "basic" elements that are required to be in every wardrobe. His last concert, the famous Unplugged in New York, Cobain played in elongated furry jacket gray-green color.


This story is about a simple sweater, but still, clothing Scandinavian poor remains at the top of the fashion rankings.

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