capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobe - wardrobe, consisting ofaggregate capsules - rational sets of things in which the product in harmony with each other at random because of the unity of style, color and others.
Creating a capsule wardrobe allows a woman to get rid of the problems with the creation of costume ensemble, as any items taken at random from one capsule to be perfectly combined with each other.
The capsule should include 6 to 12 types of clothingspecific purpose, in harmony with each other in style, color, texture of the materials used, a few pairs of shoes and accessories - scarves, bags, gloves, hats, jewelry and other.
The capsule can have daily, evening, business, sports and any other destination.


How to create a capsule wardrobe

As a first step stylists recommendcreate a capsule of everyday products of the classical style, which practically do not go out of fashion and are perfectly combined with each other. In the future, this capsule will be only slightly updated due to the introduction of new things.

The second step is to create a capsule with the products that are most relevant to you -. Evening, cocktail, sports, for walking around the city, etc. There is a separation of the seasons.


Steps to create a capsule wardrobe

We must start with the purchase of the basic things, and to have them pick up other elements of the capsule.
It is necessary to choose as the basis for the classic and multi-functional things: they can be easily combined with many other products.

First you have to buy clothes, then it select shoes and accessories - a last resort.
Before buying a new product need to see how it will be combined with the other elements of the capsule if bad - it is necessary to abandon the purchase!
It is recommended to choose one capsule element expensive, combined with all the expensive suit ensemble will look more impressive.

When buying a new product design need to think about whether it will be able to fit into the existing capsules? If not, you should create a new capsule into account the style and design of this product.
Accessories capsules should be updated with the onset of each new season, which will always look fashionable.

Creating a capsule wardrobe - real way to solve the eternal problem of the female, when wardrobes are full of things, and to wear - nothing!


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