Bracelet on the leg: anklet how to wear it

Increasingly, in fashion catalogs, jewelry stores and even in modern historical films, you can see a new unusual accessory - the bracelets on the leg, or, as they are called, the anchors.

This year, the designers of the leading fashion houses decided to reintroduce forgotten for 20 years in the form of anklets and turn this accessory into a must-have of every girl.

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Anklets: Bracelet on the leg

The latest fashion shows showedA few models of foot bracelets, as well as how and with what they are best combined. So, the designers of Chloe as an accessory on their feet presented thin gold chains and offered to combine them with bright beach slippers, and Marc Jacobs made a different vision: the brand calls for wearing oriental anchors woven from two chains with classic black shoes.

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Anklets: Bracelet on the leg

Types of leg bracelets: what to choose

Gold Anklets. Usually gold anklets are made in the form of a thin chain, wrapped around the foot in one or two rows. Gold anklets can be worn paired with classic shoes.

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Anklets: Bracelet on the leg

Silver Anklets. Silver bracelets perfectly match the casual-style and add the usual image of a small note of bokho-chic. Combine them with summer sandals and boldly run to conquer a big city!

Anklets from large beads are ideal for creating an ethnic or a boho image. Wear such bracelets best with beach sandals or slippers.

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Anklets: Bracelet on the leg

Anklet is "soliloquy". This is an Indian anklet, which is connected with a chain with a toe ring, imitating sandals - only without soles. This bracelet is ideal for walking barefoot. And he will become a stylish accessory, for brides, who decided to play a wedding on the beach.

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Anklets: Bracelet on the leg

Anklets with charms. Such models have become popular relatively recently, after the jewelry brand Pandora introduced bracelets decorated with original removable charms or charms. Charms can be of absolutely different shapes, colors and sizes: personal, in the shape of a heart or stars, laconic beads or playful ringing trinkets. What will be on your annette - it's up to you!

Anklets: how to wear them, some rules

To wear ants is with mini skirts, short dresses, casual shorts, with leggings or tucked jeans - in short, with everything that opens your elegant ankles.

The legs should also be prepared. In order to look really beautiful, the legs should be well-groomed: no corns, dry and always perfect, preferably a bright pedicure.

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Anklets: Bracelet on the leg

If you have thin ankles, you can safely wear itThin metal or plastic anchors. But if this is not the case, and you would like to visually narrow your legs, then bracelets with small dangling charms will definitely help you with this.

Star Style: Anchlets

To the party after the Golden Globe is presentedActress and singer Jennifer Lopez came in a yellow dress with an astonishing cut, showing not only elegant slender legs, but also an elegant diamond anklet that perfectly combined with sharp-nosed shoes.

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Anklets: Bracelet on the leg

While visiting the gallery of Santa Monica, the actressAshley Olsen was dressed in leather leggings, a white turtleneck and a brown coat, and on her ankles were two gold anklets with a combination of classic boat shoes.

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Anklets: Bracelet on the leg

Pop diva Rihanna shared with her fans a photo in Instagram, where the singer shows a vintage anchlet from Chanel.

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Anklets: Bracelet on the leg

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