back in the trend: the forgotten things in your wardrobe

Thinking about how to update the wardrobe? should conduct an audit in your wardrobe. It may be all that is needed for the most fashionable images of the season, you already have. After analyzing the spring-summer collection, we found that parks and cropped tops with slogans deserve a second chance in your wardrobe, and dress in flower may have to open the hunt in stores vintage! New life of old things - in our review.

Things from the past that are relevant in the new season


The image of the naive teenage girl in pink ryushahagain, in a trend, and designers in this season there was a lot of his interpretations. Flirtatious form-fitting dress with a floral print, and elongated translucent blouses with lace Lolita in spirit, and the volume of cotton candy color flounces. It seems like a good reason to visit the vintage clothing store found.


fashion dress 2017


fashion dress spring - summer 2017

Polo shirt

The main attribute of preppy style - Polo Shirt -suddenly he found himself the subject of design of experiments. Polo in a classic form with a neat little brand logo or vice versa, with a big name may show up in the archives of the 1990s, and new interpretations - transparent elongated shirts, polo - Dress with a distinctive collar and model the effect of degrade. It is important to note that you can wear a shirt with a mini and midi skirts, leggings and costumes, not paying attention to the rules of preppy style.


fashion trends spring - summer 2017


Transparent Dress

Transparent model of tulle and lace are back in fashion. And this is another reason to think about the new life of old things and decide whether the time and cost to get rid of all the annoying instances. Recent models of spring: romantic white and powdery tones, lurex notifications mentioned already in the style of the 1980s, like Louis Vuitton. Combine them with a dense opaque body and underwear.

 Collection Spring Summer 2017 in Milan

Collection Spring Summer 2017 in Milan


Top Bust

Seductive bustier tops, referring toaesthetics pin-up, perfectly fit into the realities of contemporary fashion and the concept of the freedom of choice, and a deliberately feminine, emphasized the masculine images. They can be combined with a jacket, a skirt, a pack, a leather skirt or pants-pipes, and use in everyday and night images.



Dresses with floral prints

Floral prints - a fashion trend spring-summercollections. But this season designers with much love interpret drawings from the 1960s and 1970s. Pastel shades and color combinations with graphics - from Prada, acidic background and bright small flowers resembling prints on the dresses of our grandmothers, from Balenciaga. But the cut of the dress can be anything without excessive lyricism: hypertrophied frills, high slits or voluminous sleeves.



Jacket oversayz

Another flashback to the 1990s - oversayz jacket, andnow even more appropriate to say "jacket" because the square cut and wide shoulders clearly replicate the male model. In the wake of feminism and the cult of strong women, it is not surprising that the jacket is back in vogue. Wearing his best in the respective company - with slacks or a skirt and midi-shirt or shirt, borrowed from a boyfriend.



Top with the slogan

The world must know what you're thinking, and ways ofexpression becomes more and more. You can answer the daily question facebook «what's on your mind?», Put another meme to instagram or wear a T-shirt with an appropriate slogan. The most popular, no doubt invented by Maria Grazia-Currie of Dior «We should all be feminists», but there are new collections and less radical statements or tops with concise brand name.




PARKA: in fashion again, the reason for that - the celebration on the podium sporting style. However, fashionable jacket new season certainly long and cut free. Universal option - a long black, like Gigi Hadid at the Sportmax show, it is obvious that she looks great and with a bathing suit, and a dress, pants and jerseys. His view on the retro-sport demonstrated Donatella Versace and Emilio Pucci and Max Mara enthusiastic graphics.


Top with volumetric shoulders

1980 back, and it seems a long time. The main signs of the style - glitter, Lurex, vibrant colors, and most importantly - voluminous shoulders, like the eccentric characters "Dynasty" series. Tops and dresses with padded shoulders certainly there among the things her mother's youth. Look for the most fashionable models by Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Large metallic jewelry and accessories are made especially impressive way.


Crop tops

Crop tops flashed on the catwalk each season, butsurge of interest in the style of the 1990s and 2000s provided him super popular. Knit top, solid color or brand logo, probably worn or even remember anyone whose youth fell during this period. Now it is no doubt possible to return to the basic wardrobe and wear with slacks, pencil skirt or dress on top.



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