10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

World organization in the field of color Pantonemainly works with the design of interiors, but this organization has a very strong influence on fashion. Each season, a selection of the 10 most fashionable colors of the season with aspiration wait for fashion designers and critics. And then they dismantle the leading collections, determining who was in the top ten

10- fashionable- colors- autumn-winter -2017-2018-888

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

In the autumn-winter season 2017-2018 fashion palettecolors is not original. The top 10 includes typical autumnal shades, but, nevertheless, the collection looks rich and expensive. The executive director of Pantone Leatrice Eiseman described it as: "These are cocoon colors, in which you want to wrap yourself up in order to feel yourself in absolute security and peace."

In the top 10 most fashionable colors of the autumn-winter season 2017-2018 included:

saturated red;

burgundy with eggplant podtonom;

pale pink;


dark blue;


dark green;

golden green;


muffled orange.


Bright, spectacular, dynamic, grenadine - one of thethe most memorable shades of the red palette. In the coming autumn and winter, you must necessarily settle it in the wardrobe, and in the cosmetic bag ("correct" red lipstick must be every self-respecting girl!).

10-fashionable- colors- autumn-winter -2017-2018-grenadine_jason_wu_adam_selman-666

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

This color attracts all attention to itself, sothat in the trend will be both absolutely red monolights, and the combination of the grenadine with the more calm and deep Navy Peony and Neutral Gray. By the way, this shade was called the key one at the New York Fashion Week, which appeared on the catwalks in the form of shiny blouses and evening dresses at Oscar de la Renta, a loose cut of a coat from Jason Wu, strict trouser suits from Derek Lam and bright fur coats from Max Mara.

Tawny Port

While the grenadine is associated with pleasureand confidence, the tint of Tawny Port looks more elegant and refined. This burgundy color with a rich eggplant podton also belongs to the family of red, so it looks strong even in a monochrome version. But if desired, it can be combined with any color from the fashionable autumn-winter palette 2017-2018.

10- fashionable- colors- autumn-winter- 2017-2018-tawny_port_michael_kors_jason_wu-555

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

In this color, you can create a suitable image for almost any occasion - from a romantic date to a business meeting - as did Jason Wu, Victoria Beckham, Prabal Gurung and Michael Kors.

Ballet slipper

Although fashion is used to bright and even flashypink, Ballet Slipper has nothing to do with glamor. A mixture of purple, white gives this delicious pale pink shade, which along with Neutral Gray and Butterum can be safely used as the base for the design of a fashionable wardrobe for autumn-winter 2017-2018.

10- fashionable- colors-autumn-winter- 2017-2018-ballet_slipper_oscar_de_la_renta_sies_marjan -443

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

If desired, Ballet Slipper can be beaten as a retro shade, combining it with fashionable silvery sparkles or trendy shades of Navy Peony and Marina.


Practical nude shades will never go out of fashion. Even when the trend for naturalness a little passed, neutral Butterum was in the TOP-10 fashion colors of the cold season.

10- fashionable- colors- autumn-winter- 2017-2018-butterum_marc_jacobs_max_mara-888

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

This is a true autumn shade. A warm reddish brown podton is ideally combined with fashionable corduroy and voluminous knitwear, revealing the very structure of the fabric, "enriching" it. Light beige dresses, skirts, blouses also look good in beige - they were often found in the collections of Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Jonathan Simkhai and Max Mara.

Navy Peony

The next autumn-winter season 2017-2018 forPantone should be the most traditional and in the autumn calm. Neutral colors like this dark blue are an ideal choice for women of fashion, because Navy Peony perfectly matches with any shade from grenadine to golden lime.

10- fashionable- colors- autumn-winter -2017-2018-navy_peony_jason_wu_phillip_lim-777

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

But if you want to make navy blue the main color of the ensemble, as Phillip Lim and Jason Wu did, it will look uncompromisingly bright and rich. That's what multidimensional color means!

Neutral Gray

Another safe neutral, whichis associated with stability, tranquility and even some severity. Neutral Gray with a slightly dusty sub-tone is the ideal response of the Color Institute to the universal craving for neutrality and autumn melancholy.

10 -fashionable- colors- autumn-winter -2017-2018-neutral_gray_thom_browne_victoria_beckham-888

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

Trendy color is also suitable forwrap it in from head to toe (like the models of Thom Browne), and as an accent (Victoria Beckham, Gabriela Hearst). It is best suited for business images and everyday exits, but if you add a little fur, shine and a blue tint, you can get a good evening look.

Shaded Spruce

Most likely, you already know that the key color2017 was named Greenery - a bright sunny color of greenhouses. Specially for the cold season Shaded Spruce was presented - a shade of calm and tranquility.

10- fashionable- colors- autumn-winter -2017-2018-shaded_spruce_brandon_maxwell_gabriela_hearst-999

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

It has both ocean depth and glare of evergreentrees, and the shadow of the forest ... Oscar de la Renta and Brandon Maxwell directly sang this tint in their collections. Monochrome coats, dresses, skirts, fur coats became the stars of fashion shows, and some decor elements or inserts of Shaded Spruce color added polish to clothes of other shades.

Golden Lime

Sunny yellow and juicy green are the primary colors of this spring. And their unusual mixture called "golden lime" gradually migrated to autumn, to dilute the typical autumn collections.

10 -fashionable- colors- autumn-winter -2017-2018-golden_lime_tory_burch_gabriela_hearst-222

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

Golden tabloid turns Golden Lime into onefrom the most unusual shades of the autumn-winter season 2017-2108, its sparks in the collections J. Crew, Gabriela Hearst, Tory Burch blend harmoniously with the whole dark range from burgundy to blue and black.


The color of the sea-side harbor under the nameMarina - this is perhaps one of the most anticipated shades of the coming autumn. Moderately bright, cheerful, but incredibly elegant, it will 100% dilute the basic wardrobe of neutral colors.

10 -fashionable- colors- autumn-winter -2017-2018-marina_tory_burch_delpozo-333

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

It is most pleasant to combine this color of the sea wave withwhite, gray, beige, ivory and, of course, all shades of red from grenadine to brick-brown. If this gamma seems to you like a summer throw and a little marine, just add a little oversize and thick fabrics like tweed, as did Calvin Klein, Sies Marjan, Tibi and Delpozo.

Autumn Maple

And, finally, a truly autumnal tone called«Autumn maple». Whether it is dark orange, or reddish-red, it will perfectly fit into any situation, giving it both a bit of tranquility and a bit of a holiday.

10- fashionable- colors- autumn-winter- 2017-2018-autumn_maple_delpozo-666-888

10 fashionable colors autumn-winter 2017-2018

He was called "the quintessence of autumn" and together with usCoach, Phillip Lim, Brock Collection and Delpozo fully agree with this designation. The color of autumn leaves, setting sun, acorns and mushrooms, Autumn Maple is perfect for calm Navy Peony, and for bright - Marina.

The palette of fashionable colors of the autumn-winter season 2017-2018from the Pantone Color Institute is somewhat expected and traditional. However, in combination with trendy structured materials such as silk, fur, tweed, corduroy, large knit, these 10 topical shades will look as beautiful as possible. A neutral palette is useful to those who want to dilute their wardrobe not too fashionable, but with such beautiful tones.

Be the most fashionable babe! Good luck!

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