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How to decorate the house on Valentine's Day: photo ideas

It is approaching the most romantic day of the year - the DayValentine. To spend a romantic evening on 14 February, a loved one, it is important to create the right mood. Candles, gala dinner, homemade valentines and decorations made by your hands - all this creates a delicate and exciting atmosphere of love and harmony. Here are some ideas for a cozy evening.

DIY: Garland of hearts

To make it, you will need: red ribbons, scissors, a small piece of cardboard template and several sheets of colored paper or scrap. The principle is simple: draw a heart on cardboard (and several different sizes, if you want to make the decoration more interesting). Carved pattern you want to transfer to the paper and cut out. You will have a few hearts that are in a random order to collect on a prepared tape. This can be done using a needle or glue. The resulting constriction can be decorated to your taste: add ribbons, glue hanging on the long string of hearts, using felt and other fabrics.


Valentine's Day

DIY: Garland of photos

Next garland done as quickly andIt is perfect not only for Valentine's Day, but also for family celebrations: anniversaries or home visits. You will need the same materials, but without the colored paper. Instead, it is necessary to use a joint photo. From cardboard to make a template (heart, circle, square, triangle - whatever you like), then superimpose it on a photo, trying to make in the "frame" hit your face, and cut. Next you need to collect to get the items on the ribbon.


Valentine's Day

DIY: The wreath of roses in the form of heart

For this work, first learn to do "rosettes". We need a two-sided colored paper red, or pink. Because it is necessary to cut a plurality of squares of different sizes. On the small square in pencil draw the center of the spiral cut out of her. Now curl the paper ribbon, forming a flower and fasten with glue. The basis do similarly to the first embodiment. Only on her anchoring resulting rosettes. Decorate the can with green ribbons, beads or anything else.


Valentine's Day

How to decorate a wall for Valentine's Day

Volumetric hearts. Operation is simple enough, but it looksamazing. You will need scissors, color or scrap paper (can be one-way), glue, pins or invisible double-sided tape. Prepare several templates hearts of different sizes. Bring them down on paper and cut out. Now every heart gently attract top cup until a volumetric figure, fix them with glue. Now, on the wall selected randomly fasten our hearts. You can use them to create other three-dimensional shape, or write a declaration of love.


Butterflies. In this work, it is desirable to use paperseveral shades. From it for patterns of different sizes are cut butterfly. They are folded in half, to get three-dimensional figures. Thereafter, fasten them to the wall, forming a huge heart or any other shape. Some butterflies can be attached leaving the circuit that will look natural and original.


Valentine's Day

Candles and other interior elements on Valentine's Day

A few tips to help you addseveral romantic notes. Thick wax candles can be decorated with paper labels, small candle tablets will look great in a large clear vase, floating among rose petals.


Valentine's Day

Clocks can be further decorate with small hearts in place the missing numbers. On the mirror in the bathroom lipstick can write a declaration of love.

On the pillow can sew large or small hearts made of cloth. On the white cover can put a big heart rose petals.


Valentine's Day

From red apples, you can also cut out the heart,which will decorate the holiday table. Bought in the shops themed stickers or magnets are also suitable for home decoration. Flowers - the best decoration, of which you can make bouquets, garlands or wreaths. If time does not, you can make rapid garland: hang a ribbon or a red thread in several layers where there should be a garland, and with the help of pegs, place her photos together.

Valentine's Day: Ideas and Photos


Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day


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Valentine's Day


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room decoration for valentines day

Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day


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Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

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