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DIY: Coffee table from birch logs with own hands

In expensive designer boutiques and catalogs nowYou can see a lot of original furniture in a trendy rustic style. But there is a way much cheaper to get such an exclusive - do it yourself! Several basic tools, available materials and a day off - that's all you need to create your coffee table from birch logs!


DIY: a table made of birch

How to make a table of birch logs with your own hands

Why a birch tree? Of course, you can use any logs. But the birch is easy to handle, has a nice appearance, smooth texture and light colors. And most importantly - birch trees grow very fast, so you do not have to worry about harming the environment for the coffee table.


DIY: a table made of birch

In this project 34 birchLogs, each 8-14 cm in diameter. The tree can be purchased at sawmills and in specialized shops. Also you will need: sheets of plywood for the base of the table of the desired size, joiner glue, plaster, screws, wheels, saw, screwdriver, spatula.


DIY: a table made of birch

Cut out the plywood base of the table square orRectangular. In this project, the size of the base is 84 cm by 60 cm. Build a plywood box with dimensions: length 70 cm x width 46 cm x height 40 cm. The box will be fastened in the middle of the lower base, 14 cm from the edges. If the dimensions of your table are different, just remember that the bottom plywood stands above the box at a distance equal to the diameter of the logs. Cover-countertop length of 70 cm and a width of 46 cm will close the box. Attach the box with screws or glue with wood glue.


DIY: a table made of birch

Birch logs already prepared, cleanedFrom knots and have the same length. With glue we glue each log to the plywood box as shown in the photo above. For added reliability, screw the screw into the log from inside the box.

Screw the cover of the box with screws.


DIY: a table made of birch

A pair of logs can be cut to pieces 2-3 cm high. It took 40 pieces for such a table, and a couple more can be made - stand for cups and glasses. Glue each to the table top with joinery glue.


DIY: a table made of birch

You can leave the countertop in this form, but you canFill the space between the bonfires. For this purpose, the finishing plaster for the walls of the consistency of thick sour cream is suitable. Using a spatula, apply the plaster to the countertop, and then remove the surplus from the surface of the fire. Allow the solution to dry.


DIY: a table made of birch

Attach the rollers to the bottom of the table. You can cover the entire table of logs with a layer of transparent polyurethane for wood.



DIY: a table made of birch

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