Your baby is 3 months after birth

In the first year the child is developing very fastpace. New skills appear virtually every day, and very often kids "give" a whole range of innovations at once, to make a real leap. Especially revealing in this respect is the third month of life baby.

The development of the child in 3 months - all resultsof what the kid has learned over time. Once finished the adaptation to the new conditions and way of being, a child begins to actively explore the world around us. His physical, mental, emotional and social development is included in the active phase.

It is possible to identify the main "achievements", which shows a child in 3 months:

Due to the intensive development of the subcutaneous adipose tissue of 3-month-old baby, "rounded": his body becomes plump appear cheeks and folds on the limbs.
Physically, the baby acquires new skills. For 3 months the children learn from the revolution back on the belly and lying on his stomach, may be lifted within a few minutes, leaning on the arm.
It begins to take shape similarity regime of the day: sleep and awake the child begins at about the same hours, so my mother makes it easier to plan your day. Read more about the day time on the clock.
The period when the baby is trying "to the tooth".
Now let's talk in more detail about the child's development in all areas.


The development of the body and the body of a baby in three months

What should be the height and weight of the baby

The physical development of the child is always very concerned aboutparents and pediatricians. Monthly visits to the clinic are accompanied not only by the general inspection, and measurement of weight and height. In general, the rate of growth and the rate of weight gain is very conditional. For a child in 3 months can be roughly guided by the following figures:

Weight 3.6 kg.
Height 54-64 cm.
In the height and weight of influence of different factors: weight and height at birth, type of diet, genetics.

Mothers of infants should calmly treatmismatched growth and weight of the child with some figures. If a child is active, eats, sleeps, studies the world around him grow hairs and fingernails - means he is in perfect order.

What are reflexes in the baby in three months

The behavior of the child, and committed them to actionregulated by reflexes and instincts. Most newborn reflexes fade already in 3 months. For example, at this age have the following reflexes may indicate neurological pathology:

Search reflex (in response to stroking the corner of the lips baby turns head toward the stimulus and opens his mouth);
proboscis reflex (touching the upper lip causes the child pulls the sponge in the form of the proboscis);
Babkin reflex (when pressed with your finger on the palm to the kid, he opens his mouth and makes movement forward head).
Some reflexes can still be saved. For example, the Moro reflex, manifested in the fact that the child raises his arms and fingers rastopyrivat when he laid on his back or lift his leg above the surface. This ancient evolutionary reflex developed to protect the child from falling.

But sucking reflex and crawling in 3 months reflex is still very pronounced, since they are directly involved in the survival and harmonious development of the child.

What can make the baby of three months of his life

The two main skills, which are formed by 3 months:

the ability to roll back to the belly;
ability to lift his head and shoulders with a support on the forearm.
In this matter, too, there are no strict rules. Some of the kids makes all of these actions in the three months, someone is starting to make the first attempts only closer to 4-5 months. Every little man its speed of development, so if the baby is healthy and has no neurological problems, he will definitely learn to roll over and sit up

The process of learning new skills, you can speed up a bit. This parents the following tips can help:

The standard daily gymnastics addexercise, stimulating coups. Baby lies on the back of his right leg should be lifted while holding the shin, and lead to the left, as if throwing it through the body. This at the moment is in the revolutions for the child the most difficult, because it was he who gives the whole body momentum to carry the motion. Later, the kids learn to do to build on the horizontal surface.
Conscientiously implement the whole set of exercises that pediatricians recommend. At the heart of all new physical skills is good overall development of the body and the baby's muscles.
Contribute to the development of the second ability cana very simple way: regularly put your baby on his stomach. And to be in this position, it was interesting, lay before him colorful toys. An excellent choice for this age are developing mat. It baby will not be bored either on his back or on his tummy. Many mats have a small round mirror attached. Consider reflected there, lying on his stomach - an exciting experience.


Try to often praise the baby for all his achievements, though this usually do not have problems: mothers and fathers truly rejoice when they see that he can favorite child.

Another tip comes to security: after the baby has learned to roll over, do not leave him alone on high surfaces (on the sofa or changing table). On such surfaces, the child can only be with an adult, otherwise it may fall and cause injury even. If you need to leave the room - Put the crumbs in the bed or chaise longue.

The development of mental and emotional sphere in the three-month baby

Mental and emotional development to 3 months is also gaining momentum. In the first place is very actively developing the senses and basic mental functions.

How does the vision in the three-month baby

Much has changed vision. Now the child is able to follow a moving toy eyes, able to peer into the object. This means that the baby is developing objective perception: he begins to perceive the object as a set of properties, and the large number of senses, he can perceive the object, the more information about the subject of surveillance he will receive. That's why kids love so much, not only to consider, but also trying to bite or lick everything that goes into the handle.

How does hearing a baby at the age of three months

Hearing the child also develops and improves. At the age of 3 months baby is perfectly isolates the different sounds from the background, can accurately identify the source of the sound, and, of course, already knows very well the native voice. On my mother's voice the baby turns her head to the side and smiling.

Sensation and perception of the child in 3 monthsare the main mental processes by which learning occurs outside world. These two processes are taking place in all spheres of feelings: sight, hearing, smell, touch. The kid really like to touch the fingers different surfaces and objects, licking rattles, look at the pictures and the faces of the people, enjoy the different sounds.

Huge progress has been made in the emotionalarea. At 3 months, children begin to give their first conscious smile, sincere and open. The main innovation of this age is a "complex revitalization" - vivid emotional response that demonstrates a child when a close adult. "Complex revitalizing" manifested not only in smiles. The kid starts to actively produce sounds, wiggle arms and legs, by all means to show how he was glad to see a loved one.

Eating and sleeping three-month baby

As we have said, to three months of startingformed the day mode. This mode has to be changed several times, but my mother is already there is some certainty and ability to plan their business. Basically baby as a newborn baby, spending time for eating and sleeping, but there are periods of active wakefulness. The main issues in this regard: as eating and sleeping as a three-month baby?

Sleep, as before, takes most of the day. At this age, children are sleeping in the amount of up to 17 hours. Usually 9-10 hours of them fall on the night, and the rest divided into 4 daily sleep.

If a child's diet - it is a mixture of the bottle, thenmode and extent of feeding is determined manufacturers recommendations tailored mix. Children who are breastfed, breastfeed on demand and are at the breast as much as they need.
For mothers, breast-feeding, it will be useful to know that 3 months - a jump of growth and lactation crisis. It's kind of a turning point, which is very important to be successful.


The child is actively exploring the world, so tobreastfeeding difficulties can arise. Many mothers say that the child begins to spin, look back to consider everything, apart from the breast. In the body of my mother, too, some changes occur: lactation adjusted by this time, and a woman ceases to feel the tides.

Not knowing about such features, restlessthe behavior of the baby at the breast, and the absence of tides mom can be interpreted as a lack of milk and start supplementation mixture. Doing this is not necessary. In the most critical period that lasts only a couple of days, it is better to focus on the child and constantly offering the chest, putting all the household and personal matters - it will help to maintain lactation and successfully overcome the difficult moment.

What to do with the kid: play with the baby

In moments of waking the baby active longerfun to just lie in bed. An inquisitive toddler is committed to this, to see and hear something new and interesting. A fun game - the best thing with the child.

the game with a child in three mesyatsaIgry at this ageIt is simple and short. It's great if the game is accompanied by cheerful nursery rhyme or just a poem. The fact is that in 3 months already starting to develop it. The child makes a first sounds on the scientific language called predrechevymi vocalizations. For the full development of speech, just need to hear the words and sounds.

Within the game you can make the Fingergymnastics, massage palms and feet, or offer your baby touch handle different textures (pieces of cloth, cereal, etc.). Games with a rattle - too great for 3 months.


You can offer your child to consider the majorpictures in the book, carefully pronouncing and naming all the objects and details. Sami pictures for this age should be very schematic and simple.

Communication with your child is important not only during the games. Conversations with the child should be accompanied by every contact with him, whether it be dressing up for a walk or change the diaper. It should be emotional and calm. For a child it is not only the way of development, but also an indicator my mother's love and acceptance, and this is even more important than the new information and skills.

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