Your baby in two months: the stages of development

For the second month in a child's life - a new,exciting phase full of emotions, events and news. At this point, any baby gets used to his house and begins to feel it freely. The development of your newborn baby in two months is experiencing a special jump: it is difficult to name a newborn, because the body is fully adapted to adult lifestyle and came into the most active phase of its growth.

The development of the baby aged two months

From a physical point of view of the two-month babyIt begins extremely active development. Most often, by this time he is gaining at least 800 grams of weight and grows at least a few centimeters. Increasing all averages, whether coverage head height, weight or volume of the thorax.

Hearing and vision are improving, but has not yet reached the ideal (hear the child, not all sounds and is not able to focus on the vision of fast-moving subjects).


Do not be afraid if the child developsslower than its peers. There averages of height and weight, but they are not absolute. It makes sense only if the guard sharp jump in weight or other indicators. This may be a sign of some kind of pathology, which experts will tell more.

Abilities and reflexes of the two-month baby

By the second month of life of any baby beginsdevelop and learn new skills and acquire specific reflexes. Most often the basis borne motor functions, opening the door to the baby hitherto unexplored world. Talk about what the child knows how difficult, because all skills rather relative. According to statistics, most of the two-month child is able to:

prevent involuntary muscle contractions;

lie still, relax;

for a few seconds to lift the breast, while remaining in the stomach;

keep your head while on the weight (about when the child starts to hold his head);

hold the palm of your hand using simple toys;

grab yourself for body parts;

listen to human voices.


A newborn can already bend, swinghands, sometimes squeezes his fingers and takes considerable interest in subjects that can grab and touch. That's why he crumples the sheet, grabs the hand of adults and trying hard to disrupt the toy hanging above the crib.

The only way to communicate with the outside worldfor a two-month baby is crying, but in his "speech" is gradually beginning to show other sounds. more willing kid starts agukat and laugh.

What should be taught a two-month baby

Mom and two-month baby. In the first place it is recommended to teach the child the correct pronunciation of certain sounds. It is best to mimic the kid, but with an emphasis on articulation. Watching the movement of the lips parent, newborn after some time involuntarily begin to imitate them and improve their own skills. This may come all sorts of stories and poems, in which notwithstanding that sounds appear.

Children are happy when their parents go to the obscure yet words to sounds. Any child would be happy if his mom starts meowing or barking, thus calming it.

Mode of the day for a two-month baby

My daily routine is important for the development of any child. In the first months of life, parents should create a schedule, according to which as a dream or a game, and the power will occur at a specific time. It is necessary to adapt to the child and to remember that he has his own biorhythms, deserve respect from adults.

The phase of the night sleep is most activegrowth and development of the young organism. It is best to develop a tradition that would prepare the baby for a long and healthy sleep. That is why experts advise to bathe the baby right before going to bed. Kids love water treatments that are easy to take off any stress. Bathe children two months should not be more than five minutes in compliance with the rules relating to the temperature and composition of the water.

Parents should be aware of and keep in mind that for a newborn child to be supervised. You can not leave him alone in the room.

By the second month of life the baby should be examined byophthalmologist, pediatrician, neurologist and orthopedist. These doctors are required to assess the overall condition of the body, give the necessary advice on the care and identify the presence of abnormalities.


It is important to keep an eye on the umbilical wound. Most often, to two months in the formed crust disappears, but there are exceptions. In any case, the wound should be treated in time.

Care and concern for the two-month baby

The child is important to feel the care and love,he takes the best through play. Children at this age are not yet able to focus his gaze on moving subjects, so it makes sense to hang over the crib a variety of toys that differ from each other in color and size. Touching them with your hands, the newborn will get a lot of impressions and new emotions.

Any parent should take into accountchildren of curiosity, as the child gradually showing interest in things and events happening in his life. As a general sessions with a child, you can ring a bell close to the baby, changing location constantly asking: "Where is ringing?". Thanks to such tactics the child will turn his head and watch your movements.

The child should feel completelysecurity. In order for him to develop harmoniously, giving him his selfless love, surround the care and help to get new impressions of the outside world!

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