The attack on Kim Kardashian

Audacious robbery Kim Kardashian, happened on Monday in Paris at night, it continues to grow into new details. In particular, the reality TV star revealed that very afraid that her rape.

Kim Kardashian told about the robbery in Paris

At that moment, when five armed menmasks and police uniforms broke into her apartment, Kim was already in bed. Hearing the clatter on the stairs, she began to dial his bodyguard Pascal Dyuvera, but the bandits snatched the phone from her hand, and dragged herself out of bed, Kim. Socialite crying and begging to spare her, repeating that she had two children. And it is feared that some of the robbers want to abuse her. By linking the wrist and ankle Kim Kardashian tape, criminals pushed her into the bathroom.


There, Kim managed to free his hands from the tape,open the window and begin to call for help. Screaming Kardashian heard her friend Simon Arusha, located on the floor below. She grabbed the mobile phone, locked him in the bathroom and called Pascal Dyuveru, who at that time guarded socialite sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, have fun in the nightclub. Pascal immediately rushed to the aid of his mistress, but missed just a few minutes: the criminals escaped on a motorcycle.
Kim confessed to police that he did not know what they talked about the robbers, but the few times I heard from them the word "ring".


Kim guessed at once that they are looking for her ring20-carat diamond by Lorraine Schwartz. Besides jewelry, donated her husband star Kanye West, the bandits also snatched jewelry box 6.7 million dollars and a few other valuables.

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