Lady Gaga Madonna offended

Lady Gaga speaks negatively about Madonna

Lady Gaga advertised on one of the radio stations of their new album «Joanne», and once again responded negatively about the work of the Madonna.


Madonna and Lady Gaga

The fact that Madonna and Lady Gaga is compared, is no longer news. Many argue that Gaga copies the behavior of pop-queen, her style of dress and love to shock the audience.

At the same time the singer has long strained relations. Lady Gaga in a recent interview said that to compare it with the Madonna is very strange, because Gaga is not only a singer but also a composer: "Unlike her, I write my own music and I play many musical instruments. I hang out for hours in the studio. Me and the producer, and writer. No one can not be repeated ", - said the singer.


By the way, before the Madonna commented on the song Gaga Born This Way, and claimed that she really is very similar to her hit Express Yourself, actually accusing Lady Gaga of plagiarism.

Then Madonna hinted plagiarism publicly,saying on stage during a concert in Atlantic City, which is a big fan of «Born This Way», because it "has participated in the writing of the song." "I like it, - he said Madonna's concert in Atlantic Siti.- Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Then this remark caused a lot of disputes. After these statements, many have accused Lady Gaga of plagiarism. Meanwhile she flatly denies theft, citing a mere coincidence.




Fans believe that it is nothing more than revenge. Madonna had no immediate comment on the statements Gaga, but she certainly did not take long.

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