Kim Kardashian turned to a psychologist

Kim Kardashian can not depart fromturmoil after was the victim of a daring robbery in a Paris hotel. Despite the constant support of the family and her husband Kanye West, teleznamenitost not feel safe.


Kim Kardashian- radically changed lifestyle

It seems that this incident caused serious injuryKim's psyche and forced her to radically change the way of life. Previously, she tirelessly lecturing candid photos on social networks, now in its pages was suspiciously quiet. A few hours ago she had the first time in a long time appeared on Twitter. But in order to clean up his friend-tape! During one visit of Kim Kardashian Delete from friends 14 people. Previously, reality TV star reported to fans of every move, it has now, on the contrary, avoids publicity and try to protect themselves from contact with the outside world.
Moreover - it is not a big celebrationdate of birth Kim appointed before October 28th. Preparations for the birthday party at the Vegas Hakkasan nightclub went almost a year, but now is not a popular diva before the holidays. She prefers not to go outside his mansion in Los Angeles and is only dealing with a small circle of trusted people.

Kim Kardashian was subjected to armed attack

Recall that on 3 October Kim Kardashiansubjected to an armed attack in a Paris hotel. Tying her masked attackers abducted from the room jewels to $ 11 million, including a wedding ring with a large stone in 4.5 million dollars, a gift Kanye West. Immediately after the incident, the rapper expressed his willingness to buy his wife a new ring, but she refused. Kim blames himself and still regrets that showed off this ring in Snapchat.


A source close to the family of Kim Kardashian,He told E! News, that Kim has to seek professional advice from a psychologist. «Kim experiencing paranoia, when left alone. She sleeps restlessly and constantly scrolls through images in the memory of what happened, "- he shared his observations of an insider.

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