Katy Perry and Taylor Swift at war again

Once, Katy Perry and Taylor Swiftcrossed a few days ago at a birthday party Drake, you'd expect the next scandal involving them - and he was not slow to appear: Katy Perry start trolling Taylor, laid out in the video network, on which she dances to the scandalous song Kanye West's Famous - or rather, under the its passage devoted to Taylor.


Katy Perry make fun of Taylor Swift

Hostility Kathy Peri and Taylor Swift - how it all began

We decided to recall how and why Tay and Katiequarreled. Judging by the fact that the organizers of the recently held "Grammy" made every effort to Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have not faced each other in the end is unlikely to come the ceremony, the two singers hostility in the near future ...


In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, in September last year, Taylor admitted that the song Bad Blood with her new album dedicated to a celebrity, whose name is called Tay did not.

"For a long time I could not understand, my friends, we orNo - Taylor shared. - At the ceremony, she came to me, saying something and then left, and then I thought: "It was a joke or just insulted me? '."


Taylor would have remained in the dark, had it not been something really serious.

"She has done something terrible, and at that moment II realized that we are the real enemies. And it was not even a guy! She almost tore my tour. " The next day after the article Katie wrote in her Twitter: «Beware of Regina George in sheep's clothing ..."


Although none of the singers did not make officialstatements about their quarrel, for journalists to find out the cause of the conflict was not difficult. As it turned out, the star, which said Swift, lured to his team of dancers Taylor in the midst of her tour. After the world tour California Dreams in 2011, the year, the three dancers Katie (Lockhart Brownlee, Scott Myrick and Leah Adler) were selected and put in command Taylor, who was preparing to tour in support of the Red album.

Later in the interview Brownlee admitted that in mostthe height of the tour managers Kathy again contacted the trio, to invite them to work on the show for the album Prism. At the same time the dancers had to leave Taylor tour before its completion. All three immediately agreed. According to Brownlee, his choice influenced by the fact that working with Katie was fun:

"We worked with Kathy for two and a half years, it has become a family, so we immediately agreed for us. In round Taylor, we do not even really dance, and I began to frankly bored. "

In addition, the dancer admitted that he worked with singers quite differently:

"Taylor seemed inviolable. When we still saw her, it was fun, but it is constantly under protection. Kathy already 28 and she does what she wants. "
July 4, 2013, the year Brownlee, Myrick and Adler yetIndependence Day celebrated in the house of Taylor in Rhode Island, and about two weeks later the singer unsubscribed from all three of them on Twitter. By the end of the month the dancers have been removed from the tour. However, it is likely that the dancers - not the only cause of discord between Swift and Perry. As you might guess, without the guy there did not pass ...


In 2009, Taylor recorded a song together withAmerican singer John Mayer for his album. Artists began to meet until a couple of months later, in February of 2010, John did not leave a singer with a broken heart. In the same year, Taylor released the album Speak Now, which was the song Dear John, devoted to Meyer. After some time, the singer admitted in an interview that was unpleasantly surprised and even offended by the song Swift.
In 2012, Perry for the first time began dating John (later the couple parted and converged several times), and it is rumored that there is "even more imbued with hatred for Taylor."

In 2013, Meyer said Swift song Paper Doll. Despite the fact that Taylor seems to have long forgotten about the former, John did not miss the opportunity to once again mention the singer in his interviews. So, before the "Grammy-2015", he said that the ceremony would be "doing what he does best - to be" avoidable "Taylor Swift".

Katie seems, are not going to take positions - before the performance at the Super Bowl, she said:

"If someone tries to slander me, you will immediately hear about it - it's so easy to not get away."

Well, Team Katy or Team Taylor?

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