Kate Moss has opened its own model agency

Like many models whose careers haveended, Kate Moss opened his own model agency. Above the name of their offspring mannequin long thought and decided to sing it herself. The agency referred to Kate Moss Agency. Speaking about his new reality, the beauty admitted that she always wanted to share with beginners models with their skills and abilities, and now she had the chance.


Kate Moss Agency

She decided to use its own experience in the fashionindustry, to make way for young talents. "I do not want just beautiful people, I need those who want to sing, dance and play. I want to make stars, "- she said.


Moss was one of the most successful models of the 1990s. She worked on the podium at 14 years and participated in campaigns and demonstrations Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Chanel and other fashion houses.


Moss is confident that it will be able to find truediamonds and "promote" them to the world of high fashion, where they will achieve great success. The purpose of Kate - to create stars, and not just fill the fashion world krasivenkimi girls. By the way, Kate Moss Agency Moss will devote all the time. Now, something she had it in plenty - recently broke a contract with model agency Storm, cooperation which lasted from her 14th birthday, that is nearly 28 years old. By the way, Moss would help Lucy Baxter, previously worked in the Storm.


In late March, the supermodel appeared in a new video for the song Massive Attack Ritual Spirit. The composition included in the first release of the band for six years.

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