Kara Delevin will make a haircut, as Kristen Stewart

The model is very short haircut, and soon promises to completely shave off.

Kara Delevin followed a new trend - she decided to repaint herself in a platinum blonde, and now she also cut it short, replenishing the ranks of celebrities with a bob haircut.

Cara- Delevingne-666-1

Kara Delevin the blonde

On the change of image the model reported in its Instagram, having laid out first a photo with a new hairdo, and then a short video.

Cara- Delevingne-666-2

Kara Delevin with a new hairstyle

The top model was cut for filming in a new drama - there Kara will play a teenage girl who fights a serious illness.

While the picture is nothing more is known, except that later Delevin promises and do shave at all, as this is also required by the script of the film.

But, apparently, the model is not afraid of changes, and following the colleague Kristen Stewart, who recently also came out with a platinum "hedgehog", easily part with the hair.

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