A new trailer for the seventh season of "Games of Thrones" was released

HBO released the second official trailer of the seventhSeason "Games of Thrones", before the premiere of which is less than a month. It focuses mainly on the biggest event of the season - the coming war with the White Walkers.

Also from interesting moments - Deyneris, whichShe reached Västerås and settled like a queen in the Red Castle; John Snow, who unites troops and becomes the leader; And also Sansa, who in the Grove prays and repeats the phrase of her late father: "Snow will fall, the white wind will blow. A single wolf will die, but the pack will survive. "

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«Games of Thrones»

In the trailer is not shown, but according to rumors, whichSeason has grown long before the premiere, Walkers will lead to the Wall of the unseen until now monsters - Frost Spiders. These are creatures the size of a wolf, and walkers ride them. Readers of George Martin's books know that these spiders were mentioned in the tales of the Long Night.

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Game of Thrones

Also in one of the series about them told the oldThe teacher Brana Nan in Winterfell, when she described to him the horrors of this era. Knowing the showman's love for violent scenes, we can assume that when they appear, these creatures will make a lot of noise. In general, it will not be boring!

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Game of Thrones

The first series of the new season will be shown on July 16. This penultimate season of the saga, it will be seven series.

Look forward to!

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