20 richest celebrities 2016

Forbes has published the rating of the richest stars in 2016. It is based on a set of core income, advertising projects and income from their own business ventures.

Taylor Swift

By right the first place is Taylor Swift -American singer, which in comparison with last year increased its fee almost three times, and today is the richest woman in the world. This singer has achieved success thanks to the concert tour, organized in honor of the release of the album "1989", which has sold about 4 million and brought the singer a big part of her fee for 2016. The rest of the revenue from advertising projects.


One Direction

Second place belongs to the British group «OneDirection », that despite the changes in the composition of the team were able to earn good money by continuing to tour in support of the« Four »album, which was released last year. In addition to the shocking news of the breakup of the group, public interest in the group rose after rumors of a romance singer of Niall Horan with Selena Gomez.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo - one of the best playersthe world and part of today's richest athlete deserves to be in the top three. For many years Keep pushing both in financial terms and in sports.



A place of honor in the ranking of the British singer Adele brought last year's album "25", which today is a success - 3.3 million copies were sold in its first week, and the clip "the Hello" for 3 months watched a billion people.



The young singer from the early days of his creativeactivity has won the hearts of millions of fans, so it is not surprising that the global sales of her album «Anti» only for the last month has exceeded the barrier of 3 million copies, making Rihanna was able to earn a decent amount.


Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan - one of the highest paidChinese origin actors according to Forbes takes the leading position in the ranking of the richest celebrities. Despite the age of the actor still is a storm of activity: in films, is a stuntman, producer and performer of his own songs, which, incidentally, are often the soundtrack to his own films.


Justin Bieber

Despite his young age of Justin Bieber for a few years is a favorite of millions of fans, thanks to which his position in the ranking is increasing every year.


Beyonce Knowles

The famous beauty not just fall into the rankings"Strong Women" and "Women, who have made themselves", and for good reason. singer diligence can only envy. "I have not met a single person who would work as long as I am in the industry", - says Beyonce and continues to give numerous concerts, thanks to them, it has the status and pride of place in the prestigious ranking.


Jay Z

The American rapper is not far behind itswife Beyonce. But, in contrast, this year, Jay-Z did not pace yourself numerous concerts and released a new album. Basically its revenue consists of advertising campaigns and commercial offers, it also has its own line of clothing and a network of recording studios.


Kim Kardashian

Star of reality show has gained a new status: now it is a technical entrepreneur. Game for mobile devices, "Kim Kardashian. Hollywood "in 2015 earned about $ 70 million, and today more than half of their incomes famous TV host gets it through the application.


Jennifer Lawrence

For the second consecutive year, American actressconsidered one of Hollywood's highest-paid women. Due to filming in 'The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence won the world not only popularity, but also good fees.


Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi - one of the richest athletes in the world - only slightly behind its main rival. The main income is fee from FC Barcelona - about $ 50 million.



That year, Madonna's hits do not go with the leadingthe positions of all of the charts! The singer is deservedly considered one of the most popular performers, and it is not surprising that the income from the tenth round brought her a record sum - about $ 170 million.


Rolling Stones

Over the last three rounds of famous musiciansearned about $ 400 million. Such a successful artist, no doubt, owes one of the founders of the band Mick Jagger, who is a songwriter and manager, and producer, and PR-agent and performer in one person, in spite of his advanced age.


Paul McCartney

Having reached old age, Paul McCartney givesshows more than modern artists who doubled under him. Due to the active concert activity and incredible diligence in the top floor is the most expensive celebrity.


Matt Damon

The well-known actor for the first time in 8 years was in the ratingthe highest paid celebrities. This success is due to the popularity of the film "Martian", where Matt Damon starred. In world hire the picture has collected 6 times more than was spent on shooting.


Gordon Ramsay

Neither the chef does not earn more in the world thanScottish chef Gordon Ramsay. The main income it receives from the British and American culinary show, which is the lead. But beyond that he network of 30 restaurants around the world, which is rapidly growing with each passing year multiplying the income of the most famous chefs.


Tom Cruise

Perhaps this is the most handsome actor in the pastfew decades. In his '52 actor he has a huge army of fans. Tom Cruise has an incredible work ethic and talent, making it that year in a row is in the leading position rankings.


Ben Affleck

Whatever the critics say the whole world about the movie "Batman vs. Superman", but this picture is a worldwide box office collected $ 870 million, bringing Ben Affleck largest fee in his career.


Johnny Depp

Despite the trials and publicscandals with his wife, an American actor in the career plan to keep up the speed. Thanks in advance for the last part of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and the fee for "Alice in Wonderland," Johnny Depp was able to significantly increase your income.


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