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Wrap Slimming

In our time, to be slim - it is fashionable. And if in the past century were considered beautiful "portly" pyshnotelye ladies, modern women are constantly watching their figures, trying to get closer to the parameters 90-60-90.Mediki and nutritionists offer more and more ways to burn fat: all kinds of cosmetic creams, massages , exercise facilities, etc.

One of the most effective and affordable enoughfunds are wrapping. The advantage of this procedure is that there is no need of it to go to the salon. Wrap Slimming can be carried out yourself right at home using ingredients that have in every kitchen.

How to carry out wrappings

First of all, prepare everything you need for wrapping.

We offer you a list of items, which includes not only the means for carrying out the procedure itself, but also to prepare for it:

massage brush;

Body Scrub;


composition for wrapping;

Food film;

anti-cellulite cream.

Having prepared everything necessary, you can startprepares the body for wrapping. Go into the shower to steam out a good body. Use a scrub and make light massage, focusing on problem areas.

This cleansing will save your skin from keratinized particles and cleanse the pores. This composition for weight loss is better absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin, and the procedure will be more effective.

Wipe dry with a towel and apply a ready structure for wrapping soft massage movements. About that, what tools can be used to cook it, we'll talk later.

Wrap with cling film. It should fit fairly snugly to the body, but not to cause discomfort. To improve the effect for insulating, wear pants or a bathrobe. To move in this state do not want the film does not move out. Quietly soak while viewing your favorite movie or reading an interesting book.

After 40 minutes it is possible to shoot film. If you have the opportunity, you can extend the cosmetic procedure to an hour. Rinse composition for wrapping. To strengthen anti-cellulite effect, you can take the salt bath, then wipe the body dry and apply anti-cellulite cream or oil. After the procedure does not try to drink for one hour and there for two hours.

Types of body wraps for weight loss with the use of different components

To wrap necessarily to buy expensive cosmetics. The active component of the formulation can serve foods that are there in the kitchen every woman.

We offer several types of body wraps available.

Honey wrap slimming. I must say that it is popular in beauty salons, but you can make it at home. To perform this procedure, take any honey. Before applying the product to the body, melt it in a water bath. Be careful, make sure that the honey is not too hot, otherwise you can not avoid burns. Bee products have a beneficial effect on the tone of the skin, removes toxins and nourishes the skin with vitamins;

Acetic wrap slimming. This procedure is better to take apple cider or wine vinegar, not a regular table. It must be diluted with water in a ratio of one to one before being applied to the skin. Unlike other wraps, in this case, enough film wrap oneself. To achieve the effect, to wrap film body tissue. Acetic acid enhances the capillaries and active circulation, resulting in burned fat. Some wife's for one procedure to lose up to three kilograms of excess weight !;

Coffee wrap slimming. Take the coffee powder, but not soluble! It is better if it is finely ground coffee - he is better absorbed into the skin. Coffee can be used as a standalone component. You can also add a little red pepper, cosmetic clay and a couple drops of essential oil. The active substances contained in the coffee, enhance skin turgor and eliminate excess fluid, making cellulite disappear. Coffee also gives the body a light tan color.

What results have to wait after the wrapping procedure:

the skin is cleansed, accelerating the process of cell regeneration;

displays excess fluid from the body;

improves metabolism;

accelerate blood circulation;

the skin is saturated with vitamins and beneficial trace elements;

the skin becomes elastic, the body is tightened, disappears "orange peel";

there is a relaxing effect and relaxation of muscles.

This is not recommended for body wraps for weight loss

Unfortunately, such an effective procedure, as the wrapping, there are a number of contraindications.

It is prohibited in the following cases:

  • heart failure;
  • in the presence of skin diseases;
  • body at an elevated temperature;
  • pregnant women;
  • women suffering from gynecological diseases;
  • people with kidney disease;
  • women with varicose veins.

Before you carry out the procedure, be sure to check whether you have an allergic reaction to a component that you use to wrap.

This will help avoid serious problems with the skin. If during the procedure you will feel discomfort, immediately unwind cellophane and take a shower.

After you make wraps for weight loss abdomen, thighs and buttocks for two weeks, you will not know their reflection in the mirror.

Pull up a beautiful body without cellulite, and minus a few kilo - this is the effect you are waiting for you after the course wrapping procedures!

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