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Why yellow teeth and get rid of this?

We all dream, looking at the TV screens, havethe same giddy smile as the actors and singers. But we should recognize that in real life, most people have a problem teeth are often faced with yellowness and bloom. Focusing on the unattainable idealized images created by mass culture, many ordinary people are suffering from external data and try to cheat nature.

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Why yellow teeth and get rid of this?

Why yellow teeth?

Scientific studies show that it is oftenthe color of bone in a child genetically programmed, and with this natural phenomenon does not do anything. By nature, people do not have a white incisors, hue varies from blue-gray to yellowish-beige for all of us.

Remember, the desire to have dazzling white teeth purely cultural, social stereotypes imposed by the canons krasoty.Vam should not be ashamed of their naturalness.

Celebrities spend a lot of money and time to create a luxurious smile effect, which eventually even with screens and boards looks unnatural.

But it also happens that the jaw adult or child changes its color and not for the better. And it does it is associated with heredity, and natural color. Let's learn from what may turn yellow teeth?

Common causes discoloration of tooth enamel:

In the first place - the effect of tobacco smoke. Smokers suffer not only lightweight, but also significantly deteriorating condition of the skin, nails and dentin.

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Why yellow teeth and get rid of this?

Enamel is covered with cracks from continuous hot nicotine and tar. The processes of decay and release molecules burning tobacco tar, which covers the cavity yellow.

Get rid of harmful inclusions, attract microbes is very difficult because of the cracks;

Among the most harmful drinks and coffee are registereda strong black tea. Do not get involved in the use of hot drinks, they act on the cavity like cigarettes. In this case, the color of the enamel will darken and you will have to return to the dentist's chair;

There is a list of products that are harmful to the enamel.
Among them, the most dangerous products thatcontain dyes. It can be sweet water and juices, cheap candy and lollipops. In conjunction with the acid, and their negative effect is more pronounced.

Acid corrodes unprotected or damaged areas, forming spots. Then paint the area is easy when you eat junk food.

The acid acts as a fixing agent for pigments and makes the bones susceptible to external stimuli;

Thin enamel. The yellow color may be caused by congenital thinness of enamel layer in the child. Eventually, this layer under the action of external factors, exposing dentin exhausted, located under the upper layer. Dentin is yellow in itself, it is its natural color. Change the color in this case is very difficult, you can only replace the prosthetic teeth or wear special pads;

Natural aging. Elderly people are faced with the natural aging of the body and the extinction of certain body functions. Vitamin B and calcium are very poorly absorbed because of which substantially worsens the condition of hair, nails, cartilage and bone. That's why the jaw loses its appeal and healthy appearance. This process does not stop the observance of oral hygiene, the use of expensive special paste and elixirs;

Bad habits. Under the deleterious we understand all those habits that negatively affect the health of your body. They are endless - it's alcohol, smoking, physical inactivity, non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, poor diet, stress, lack of sleep. Even biting pens and pencils, bite sewing thread and polyethylene;

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Why yellow teeth and get rid of this?

The neglect oral hygiene. If a child from an early age not to teach systematically and properly brush your teeth, they will be difficult to save not only on the turbidity, but also from caries and premature loss;

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Why yellow teeth and get rid of this?

Do not forget to take a seasonal checkup at the dentist. If dentin is sick, he can change the color, while the destructive processes taking place inside: root rot, inflamed nerve, pulp dies. If your dentin differs from the neighboring stands immediately go to the dentist;

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Why yellow teeth and get rid of this?

The detrimental effect of antibiotics. Abuse of tablets and preparations aggravates various microflora and promotes oral infections. Especially undesirable tetracycline, which violates the potassium-sodium exchange. Be sure to find out the causes of the disease, when you notice that your teeth turn yellow.

A few tips on preventing yellowing:

  • Drink only purified water,
  • refuse goodies with dyes;
  • Observe oral hygiene;
  • after eating you should use mouthwash;
  • quit smoking and refrain from hot coffee.

If you notice a distinct yellowing of the dentin enamel, there are several ways to get rid of this vexing problem.

Many people have not understood until the end, why yellowed teeth, and how this could have been avoided immediately decide to whiten them.

It is not worth doing, because the color of dentin, as wellas skin, hair and eyes, it may be natural. And medical intervention would weaken the protective enamel functions. Experts note that the yellowish coating is much stronger than in other patients.

Many parents do not understand why yellowedteeth their child, and once bred panic. If the overall satisfactory health you have yellow teeth, better give up the whitening. It should be remembered during clarification, the protective layer is suffering bone, leading to caries problems in the future.

RETURN shine to your teeth and whether they can be bleached?

Clarification - it is certainly the easiest and quickest way to eliminate the causes of imperfections.

Especially important is the procedure for the public people who work in the service sector and the media. If career success depends on your perfect look and a smile, you can whiten your problem area.

Pick the right type of enamel improvement status at the clinic with a dentist. This correction should take place under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Handicraft techniques bleaching soda, powder and ash can damage your enamel permanently.

There are several color correction methods: The most effective and safest - laser teeth cleaning. The only drawback is the high price that is understandable painstaking and complex process.

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Why yellow teeth and get rid of this?

In addition, not all dental clinics can afford the purchase of expensive equipment;

You can also whiten ultrasound. This method is quite effective, especially in the treatment of stains from coffee and tobacco smoke;

Another alternative - whiten photocells. This effect is achieved by applying a chemical that, coming into contact with UV light, free of enamel from plaque;

In the case of a particularly neglected if dentin turns yellow because of caries, infection or nerve withering away, they are replaced with veneers or wear special prostheses.

Do not worry, veneers are selected under the color of the other teeth and the difference will not be noticeable when in contact with people and communication.

Take care of your smile's health from early childhood, not eat erode enamel substance, lead a healthy lifestyle, and the result will not take long.

If you are confused by the dentin shade you or yourchild, seek advice from a specialist, do not kill the protective layer bleaching citric acid, hydrogen peroxide and other alkaline solutions.

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