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Why does hair turn gray in young and how to stop the process

Normally, men are beginning to turn gray in 30-35 years,female - 40-45. But this average. In practice, however, often gray hair can be seen in very young girls of 30, 25 and even 18 years. Regardless, you 20 years or under 40, to detect at first gray hair at any age unpleasant.

Why hair turns gray?

As is known, the intensity of the hair colorgenetically determined and depends on the presence of the pigment melanin, which is produced by specific cells - melanocytes. They sit in the base of the hair. Melanocytes are synthesized by the action of a copper-containing enzyme tyrosinase. The process of "natural" coloring occurs constantly and as soon as the production of tyrosinase reduced or terminated in the bulb is formed, hydrogen peroxide (by which discolored unnatural blondes), which, as it "washes out" of hair pigment.

Moment start reducing tyrosinase production often due to genetic, but also influenced by external factors to it.

There are many reasons for early gray hair and is one of the most frequent- Persistent feelings that accompany the young and inexperienced. In adulthood, any perceived insults with skepticism, but insecure and rough soul hurt very easily - and the result of these experiences - before graying hair.


The main causes of early gray hair

Stress. Even the first unrequited love can actone of the most severe emotional stress and is able to add a few gray hairs, and even strands. These are the same feelings about the study, negative and neglect of adults, balancing your inner inferiority on younger, betrayal closest friends. Reasons list can be long enough to understand: young is very difficult to take root in the adult world.

disease. The cause of early graying can be of differentkind of diseases of the blood, liver, kidneys, heart, atherosclerosis, disorders of the thyroid gland work, hormonal disorders. While at a young age the body is recovering faster than older, the consequences might well affect the condition of hair. If there is a disease - it is not necessary to postpone visits to the doctor, "for tomorrow." Health is more important than any urgent matters.

Avitaminosis. Even something as simple as a lack inthe body of vitamins and minerals can adversely affect the condition of hair follicles and their pigmentation. Because of this, the hair can start to turn gray. In time to discover the cause of this process can be stopped, but the hair back natural pigment.

Hard diet. Irreparable harm has fashion for slimming. Particularly bad effect on the condition of hair for a long time to find the protein-free diet. Young girls are starving, not realizing that each person has its own constitution, provided by nature. Lucky if payback are only a few grown gray hairs.

Exposure to UV rays. Prolonged exposure to the sun,abuse of tanning also become a cause of the early gray hair. The sun's rays or lamp desiccate hair, attenuate them and deprive the natural pigmentation. Therefore, under the sun, the hair must be protected headdress.

Lack of the enzyme tyrosinase. There is another no less unpleasant factor, due to which the hair begins to turn gray early. The body gradually stops producing melanin due to a lack of the enzyme tyrosinase.

How to prevent graying

As the saying goes, "you need to take care of health from an early age", separately and this applies to hair health. To prevent the appearance of early gray hair, you need to adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Eat right and balanced. In your diet should contain useful products for hair: red meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts, cereals, herbs and fruits.
  • Avoid stress. Do not give in to negative emotions and to protect themselves from contact with negative people; if this is impossible, Lift mental "wall" and does not respond to taunts and attacks;
  • Take a complex of vitamins and minerals. Every six months for 1-2 months spent vitamin therapy, and taking folic parabens, vitamins A, E, C and Group B. It is useful to drink a course of dry yeast with zinc, iron and copper.


  • Do scalp massage. Every day, for 5 minutes while washing or combing massages the scalp, enhancing the flow of blood to the hair follicles.
  • Protect your hair from the sun. Regardless of whether you're going to the beach or just strolling on a sunny day, always wear a hat.

Treatment of early hair graying

Do not worry if the hair started to turn gray at a young age, this process can be successfully suspended in the following ways:

  • a course of mesotherapy with trace elements, vitamins of group B, amino acids, copper peptides, antioxidants;
  • injection of 25% magnesia (decision on the need for such treatment and its duration takes trichologist doctor);
  • Physiotherapy: electrostimulation, darsonvalization, laser therapy - similar procedures activate metabolic processes of the scalp.
  • folk remedies: masks of burdock and castor oil, nettle teas, tincture of red peppers.

Not once had to watch as seeing grayhair, many immediately pull it. This can not be done, since gray hair is transferred to the surrounding bulb. I want to get rid of it - trimmed gray hair nail scissors from the scalp.

The appearance of gray hair becomes unpleasantsurprise at any age. Especially in modern times, when life forces as long as possible to remain young. Fortunately, if you are still very young, this process can be stopped.

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